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Image from 1947 Lusk High School yearbook:

"Money, money, everywhere, but not a cent of it mine," wailed Evelyn Jordan. Yes, LUSK STATE BANK keeps on hand a lot of cash, much of it in the burglar-proof vault.

But its assets are far greater. Investments are made in loans to hundreds of businesses and livestock ranches. Wisdom in the handling of its depositor's funds, and in advising its patrons are the province of C. W. Erwin, its president, and perhaps greatest asset.



Lusk Free Lance, May 22, 1952

Next Monday, May 26th, the Lusk State Bank will observe its 28th anniversary of operation in this city, and throughout these many years has enjoyed a growth and success which would be the pride of banking institutions in much larger and more heavily populated areas.

The Lusk State bank had its opening in May 26th, 1924, following a period of about one year that this community was entirely without banking facilities. The then, newly-chartered Lusk State was piloted by Lawrence “Yoy” Johnson, its first president and a pioneer rancher of Niobrara County; R. J. Hoffman, vice-president, and C.W. Erwin, cashier.

Succeeding years saw Glen I. Willson, formerly a partner in the Lusk Motor company, and now of Cheyenne, elected vice president of the bank in 1926, and in 1929, C.F. Bautch, now a Denver hotel operator, was elected president.

C.W. Erwin, who was the guiding figure in the institution of the Lusk State Bank, was elected president in 1937 and has held that post since that year. John C. Stone, assuming the position of cashier in 1937, served as such until 1947, when ill health forced him to resign.  It was in the latter year that Max T. Bird was elected the bank’s vice president and cashier and he still occupies these positions.

Looking back into the years, some of those who served as assistant cashiers include Otto H. Klemke, now engaged in real estate and insurance business, Mrs. Lillian Stark, now of Douglas, Wyo., and Miss Harriet Heumier, now of Washington, D.C.

So far as deposits are concerned, the Lusk State Bank has made a phenomenal growth since it was instituted as is shown by the following data:  On June 30, 1924, they were 90,180.32; June 30, 1934 they had risen to $284,564.21; ten years later had climbed to $1,126,680.34, and on June 30, 1947 had reached a total of $1,992,617.72. It was in this year that Mr. Bird became cashier. Subsequent reports showed deposits gaining even more rapidly than before, with June 30, 1950 deposits reported at $2,125,031.71, and on March 31, this year, total deposits had reached an all0-time high of $3,037, 903.22.

Those of the staff at the Lusk state Bank presently serving its patrons include C. W. Erwin, president; Max T. Bird, vice president and cashier; Mrs. Ethel Taylor, assistant cashier; Mrs. Doris Taylor and Mrs. Janice Johnson, tellers; Miss Beth Wasserberger, Miss Joan Lund and Mrs. Marguerite Blackmore, bookkeepers, Merlin Barnes has been caretaker at the institution for the past 15 years or more.

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Image from 1947 Lusk High School yearbook

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