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The Lusk Herald, September 5, 1919

The reinforced concrete work is now up on the four stories of the new Ranger hotel, the wooden casings in which the columns were moulded and shaped have been removed, and preparations are now under way for closing the building in. The scaffolding and timbering which was in use on the several floors while the frame was going up have been cleared away, giving the structure a skeleton-like appearance at the present time. The transformation will come rapidly, once the closing-in process begins. The high tower which formerly stood on Third street front of the big building and which held the rigging for the hoisting of materials to the upper floors, has been removed to the center of the building. It has now been furnished with two elevators instead of one as originally used, its capacity being thereby doubled, the up car always carrying a load as the opposite elevator descends. The clearing of the debris from this large building has progressed with the smoothness which characterizes all the Beck & Sons operations, and the competition of the building may be looked forward to in the proper time.


The Lusk Herald, June 17, 1921

Radium Sanitarium Coming to Lusk Means Big Boost

At a conference held in Chicago May 21-23 and 24, attended by Edwin L. Brown of Lusk, John W. Agnew and B. Ursin of Omaha, and Dr. E. Stillman Bailey of Chicago, plans were laid for the organization of a company with sufficient capital to take over the Ranger hotel and convert it into a sanitarium and take over the interests of the Lorimer Minerals company in the radium mine, known as Silver cliff mine. Following the Chicago conference a meeting was held at the Fontenello Hotel, Omaha. The Ranger hotel will be converted into a modern sanitarium and will be equipped with the most modern apparatus for giving radium treatments, and will be known as the parent sanitarium. Dr. Bailey will come to Lusk and superintend the installation of the equipment and will remain here so long as his services are necessary. In addition to the sanitarium branch of the business the company will manufacture and put upon the market radium-active tablets, drinking water and drug water apparatus to  handle this branch o0f the enterprise there will be established in Omaha an office and distributing station and storage. Additional machinery and equipment will be installed at the mine including a concentrating plant. Dr. Bailey is very enthusiastic about the wonderful possibilities and great future for radium and Lusk.


Image from 1947 Lusk High School yearbook:

Have you? Have you ever been in the lobby of the RANGER HOTEL?

It is undoubtedly true that its fine appointments are more familiar to tourists and traveling business men than to Lusk's home-folks.

Even if you don't need a room, why not step in and see one of Lusk's show places. The RANGER is a hotel to be proud of!

Bob Darrow and Harry Sager are regularly on the staff of folks it takes to operate a busy hotel. And Roy Chamberlain's RANGER is a very busy hotel indeed.


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Image from 1956
Image from 1947 Lusk High School yearbook

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