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The Lusk Herald, June 28, 1917


The plans for the new Hotel Henry, as drawn by Contractor Ranck, show that this new addition to Lusk's business buildings will be most complete and up-to-the-minute.

The building, including a ten-foot, two-story porch, will cover an area of eighty-two by forty feet; the basement, which will be half above ground, will be well lighted and will contain nine rooms. The first floor will comprise nine rooms and two bath-rooms, and the second, nine rooms and three bath-rooms. 

The steps will be on the north end of the porch, at the corner of Main and Second streets, and the entrance will be three a vestibule on the main floor and will lead into the office and lobby on the left, the floors of the vestibule and lobby to be tiled. The halls on all floors will be eight feet wide and there will be front and rear stairways to each floor. All rooms will be steam-heated, electric-lighted, and supplied with hot and cold water (except the basement rooms).

The foundation will be of concrete, the walls of dark grey brick from the ground to the first floor line, and dark red above, with black mortar joints. The roof will be flat, sloping from the front, and will be constructed of what is known as the "Carey" patent roofing and guaranteed for ten years. the height of the front of the building from the ground to coping will be twenty-eight feet. the inside finish will be in keeping with the general high tone of construction used thruout the building.

When completed the new hotel will be furnished by Mrs. Henry in such a was as to give the greatest pleasure and comfort to her patrons, a statement which is superfluous to those who know her substantial way of doing things.


The Lusk Herald, January 24, 1918


This beautiful building, designed and built by Contractor Elmer H. Ranck, is now occupied by the owner, Mrs. Lena Henry, the painters having put the last touch to their work Monday night, leaving only a few minor odds and ends to be finished up. The hotel is modern in every detail, heated by hot water, electrically lighted, with hose connections on the two upper floors for fire protection, and a vacuum cleaning system. The floors, except in the basement, are of the most substantial oak and nothing has been left undone to make the building both comfortable and attractive.

There are 24 bedrooms, each with hot and cold water; five private baths and toilet rooms; one public bath-room and three public toilet rooms, besides coal, furnace and laundry rooms in the basement. The entrance vestibule, with its tile floor and wainscoting, the office and lobby, also with tile floor, impress visitors with the up-to-dateness of this modern building. The interior wood finish is artistically done by master painters, the basement being in natural, the main floor is golden oak and the upper in brown Flemish. The furnishings of the rooms are in keeping with the general plan of the building, being substantial and elegant.

The result must be credited to "local talent," as Mr. Ranck found the greatest difficulty in obtaining outside help on account of war and labor conditions and at times was seriously handicapped, but it was fortunate for him that he was able to get men at home. The bricklayers were Ed and Paul Ruffing and J. Forsdick; the carpenters, Gus Mashek, F. J. Snee, C. A. Allen, J. H. Roy, Sam Benson, Frank Wise and Archie McFarlane (before he was called to the colors); the plasterers, A. L. Sparks and A. F. Hush; the painters, F. J. Dreyer and Paul Nissen; and John Fernau installed the plumbing.

The Lusk Standard, December 10, 1920


Another deal of importance occurred this week when the Henry Hotel changed hands. The company of which A.H. Stewart was the promoter, retiring and John Land acquiring the property, The Henry is a hotel that a town much larger than Lusk might well be proud of, and Mr. Land is to be congratulated upon this acquisition. We wish him success in his new venture.


The Lusk Herald, January 20, 1922


The Henry Hotel passed back into the hands of its founder this week, Mrs. Lena Henry.

This pleasant hostelry was erected by Mrs. Henry but about three years ago it passed into other hands and has been passing ever since, none of the lease holders seemingly able to make the success of it that she did. She has had the entire interior of the building repainted and cassomined, (kalsomined) thus putting it into as good a condition as it was when it was first built.

The Lusk Herald, January 27, 1922


The Henry hotel has made a record for itself. During the past two weeks it has been under three different managements. The firm of Tooley and Hale have had charge of the hostelry for some time, then Mrs. Lena Henry, the owner, took charge for a short while and last Saturday a deal was closed whereby Mr. and Mrs. P.P. Brown became owners, purchasing the hotel from Mrs. Henry. They have assumed management of this fine up-to-date establishment and the best of service to the public is assured.

The Lusk Herald-Standard, September 12, 1922


The west wall to the office of the Henry Hotel is being torn down and a new plate glass front will be installed. This will add much to the pleasantness of the lobby and to the appearance of the hotel in general.

Contractor Elmer Ranck is superintending the work.


Lusk Free Lance, May 7, 1931


During the past week a business transaction took place whereby Mr. and Mrs. Glen Cates became the owners of the Henry Hotel. The purchase was made from Mr. and Mrs. Pete Brown of the Silver Cliff. The Henry Hotel is a modern up-to-date hotel and has been under the able management of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Schroeder for the past three years. Their lease holds until September first at which time these good people expect to leave for sunny California for the winter.

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