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Block: 6
Lot: 1 & 2
Legal: LUSK OT BLK 6 LOTS 1-2-3

Mrs. Lena Henry last Saturday bought from B. A. Root the two business lots on the south-east corner of Main and Second streets, and will at once begin the erection of a two-story rooming house. The dimensions of the new building are not know but there is no doubt it will be a credit to the town. This is a splendid location for such a building and Mrs. Henry shows her business sagacity in taking the step. Contractor Ranck is at work on the plans.

The Lusk Herald, May 17, 1917


The new Henry Hotel, now approaching the finishing touches, expects to open next week and will be ready to accommodate part of the influx of visitors who will be present during the term o f court which convenes the first of the week.

The Lusk Herald, January 10, 1918

Businesses at This Property

Date Range Business Type Notes
06/28/1886 - Lusk, Frank S. () Quit Claim Deed View Business
10/31/1889 - Smails, Abram L. (Hardware Store) Warranty Deed View Business
03/18/1891 - Morris, Fred S. () U. S. Patent View Business
11/05/1900 - Root, B. A. (Residence) Warranty Deed View Business
05/17/1917 - 01/12/1922 Lena Henry (Henry Hotel) Warranty Deed View Business
01/12/1922 - Brown, Peter R. (Hotel) Warranty Deed View Business
05/01/1931 - Coats, Glen L. (Hotel) Warranty Deed View Business
04/16/1941 - Reckling, Walther E. (Hospital) Warranty Deed View Business
12/30/1972 - Redfield, Leroy (Hospitality House) Warranty Deed View Business
09/07/1983 - Lebet, Inc. (Hospitality House) Warranty Deed View Business
09/30/2005 - Martin, Kenneth R. (Main Street Apartments) Warranty Deed View Business
07/24/2007 - Woodmansey Family Trust (Main Street Apartments) Quit Claim Deed View Business
02/20/2015 - Ichthus Panama (Main Street Apartments) Quit Claim Deed View Business

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