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Lusk Cold Storage

Image from 1947 Lusk High School yearbook:

We had to work fast to get this one! The 0 degree  F. stuff is hard on cameras. The oil in the shutter congeals and no picture.

Not to say that Rae Ann Christian wasn't ready to congeal, too. We waited until she got thru shivering, then she could have held that pose like a statute.

But that's what it takes to protect the hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of perishable foods Lusk people have entrusted to the care of LUSK COLD STORAGE COMPANY.

Day and night, summer and winter, old mercury seldom gets more than a frosty look over the zero-degree mark.

And what goodies those gleaming white-enameled lockers conceal! Strawberries, corn on the cob, chicken, fish, wild game...

And if you aren't the out-of-doors type, Mr. James S. Hoy can sell you direct the whole BIRDSEYE line of frozen foods, and quarters and halves of beef and port perfectly but and wrapped for taking home.


Owners and Operators

Gene Rejda

James S. Hoy 1946-1952

Carl DeGroot

Mildred and Gene Tyrrel   1961

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Image from 1947 Lusk High School yearbook

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