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H. C. Snyder & Co.

The Lusk Herald, August 15, 1912

H.C. Snyder and Co. are putting in a new cement side-walk along the north side of the store and have put up a new hitching rack for horses. They will also put in a number pf hitching posts on the east side of their warehouse for the accomodation of the farmer's and rancher's teams.

The Lusk Herald, September 19, 1919

Snyder Store Elevator

The Snyder store has installed an electric elevator, the first one to reach the city.


The Lusk Herald, October 10, 1919

New Snyder Store

The new Snyder store has placed its huge display windows in position and the interior of the store is being finished.  When completed it will probably be the prettiest store in town.  A wide stairway leading to the upper floor gives the place a metropolitan atmosphere.  Considerable work on the structure remains to be done before the stock from the old store will be moved.


The Lusk Standard, May 28, 1920

Merchant listing:

"Special Prices on all Dried Fruits

Ask for our prices"

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