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Kilmer Corporation

Lusk Herald, December 21, 1944

"Effective January 1, The Business Interests Of The Kilmer Brothers In Lusk Will Be Incorporated

Effective January 1, the business interests of the Kilmer Brothers in Lusk will be incorporated as the Kilmer Corporation, thus placing the Kilmer Creamer, Kilmer Dairy and Golden Rule under one business organization.  This action marks nearly ten years of business in Lusk.  Roscoe and Willis Kilmer came here from Arnold, Neb., in 1935, first leasing the Niobrara Co-Operative Creamery, a business that had been established in 1930.  Two other brothers, Idris and Venus, came to Lusk in 1940 to start the dairy, the Barber estate ranch south of Lusk being purchased for this purpose.  This August the Kilmer Brothers purchased the Golden Rule from Mrs. Vega Kuhn.  The creamery has been greatly expanded during the last two years to meet the demands of war-time needs, especially at the Provo ordinance depot.  A creamery truck now supplies that base daily from Lusk."

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