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From a Pioneer Album - Pleasant Ridge School

Courtesy of Library Archives, 07/31/2009

The Lusk Herald
From a Pioneer Album by June Willson

This picture of Pleasant Ridge, known to you as Kirtley, was taken about 1893. It is interesting to note where these "young people" are today.

Beginning, from left to right in the back row, are: Charles Christian (deceased, cousin of James W.); Amy Christian (deceased, cousin of James W.); Florence Christian Wormwood (sister of Amy) living at Glendo, has three children; Mr. Fisher, teacher, last address was Chadron; Melissa Deuel McClung (deceased); Dora Blanche Christian (deceased, sister of James W.); and Ura Kirtley, who has a sheep ranch near Kaycee, Wyo., is married and has four children.

Second row, left to right are: Roy ZumBrunnen, rancher at Kirtley; Nelsena Christian Parks (sister of Amy) is in Wilmington, Delaware, has two sons; Ella Kirtley Smith lives in San Francisco, California, has lived on Pacific Coast for 45 years; Jennie Kirtley Weir has lived in Denver, Colo. for about 30 years and has three sons and a daughter; Andrew L. Christian of Lusk (brother of James W.); Lee ZumBrunnen (brother of Roy) killed in 1911; Leonard F. Christian of Lusk; and James W. Christian of Lusk, married and has seven children.

Front row from left to right are: Rollie Christian (deceased, brother of Amy); Nellie Christian Burke (sister of James W.) has two children and is living in California; Delbert J. Rice (brother of Mrs. H. Z. Boyles) married and in Idaho; Rollie Kirtley, living in Connecticut and Massachusetts for about 35 years, is in merchandizing business, is married and has two children; Thomas ZumBrunnen, works for CPA, has seven children, and lives in North Carolina; and Gene Williams, a visitor to school that day, is a cousin of Delbert Rice, and is living in Nebraska.

Others in those families who were too young to be in this picture include Mary Kirtley Magarean, lives in Gordon, Nebraska; Dorcas ZumBrunnen Bigelow of Harrison; Stanley ZumBunnen of Lander; Walter ZumBrunnen of Louisburg, Kansas; Edna ZumBrunnen Ammons; and Nellie ZumBrunnen Christian of Lusk; Eliza Nicodemus (deceased); Ray Christian of Lusk; Almetta Christian Reynolds (deceased); Jennie Christian Moyer; Frieda Christian; and Mabel Christian Wilson of Ashville, North Carolina. Out of a large family of "Zeb" Deuels, only Ernest is left and his whereabouts is unknown.

The help given by Mrs. Elsie Christian and Ura Kirtley in making the article complete is greatly appreciated.

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