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Middleton, Benjamin - Family History Album Series

Courtesy of Library Archives, 11/23/1988

Benjamin Middleton arrives in Wyoming and homesteads
by Peg Middleton

The first Middleton to come to Wyoming was Benjamin E. Middleton in the spring of 1910. Benjamin's homestead was on Old Woman Creek.

The following February, wife Juan Jelena came on a train from Flatrock, Miss. to Edgemont, SD, with their children, Hettie Lee, Benjamin Franklin, James Oscar and Thelma Lanetta.

They were met by Solon Clark, a neighbor, with a wagon full of straw and blankets as they were not dressed for Wyoming winter with straw hats and no shoes. Winnie Estella was born in 1912 and Ethel Virginia was born March 24, 1916. Benjamin E. died on Feb. 6, 1916 of Brights disease.

Juan J. Middleton filed on a homestead near the mouth of Dogie Creek. The land is now owned by Julius Peterson. Juan passed away July 26, 1926.

The youngest two children lived with Thelma and her husband Albert Thomas for two years. Albert and Thelma were married in 1925. Hettie married William St. John in 1920. Winnie married Sheridan Burke in 1928. Frank married Blance in 1940. She died and he married Dorothy in 1947. Frank was killed in a mine accident in Idaho in 1952.

Winnie remarried to Lou To'lou and lives in Washington. Hettie St. John lives in Casper. Thelma Thomas lives in Fort Laramie. Ethel passed away on Feb. 19, 1929 of diptheria.

James Oscar and Marie E. Daniels were married Feb. 18 1929 and stopped to visit Albert and Thelma Thomas after their wedding. Ethel Middleton was sick and the doctor quarantined them all a to the Thomas home in Manville for 10 days. Winnie and her husband were also there and all had to have immunization shots.

James Oscar's homestead was southeast of the present Julius Peterson ranch north of Lance Creek and this is where he took his bride. They later purchased the homestead of Joe Daniels on Middle Creek of Cow Creek, where Marie still lives today. Oscar passed away Feb. 1986.

Oscar and Marie had seven children. Ethel was born in 1929, Lois, 1931. She died in 1940. James R. was born in 1934, Benny R. in 1935 and Joseph M. in 1936. Rita C. was born in 1941 and Richard A. in 1942.

Ethel married James Hoskovec, and they had four children: Doug, Rita Kay, George and Steve. Jim and Ethel live in Golden, CO

James R. married Peggy Wintermote, and they had two children, James A. and Jeffery A. Jim and Peg have a ranch on Lightning Creek.

Benny married Pauline Sanford and they have two children, Pam and Kelly. Ben and Pauline have a ranch south of Douglas.

Joe married Susan Taylor and they have one son Todd and an adopted girl, B.J. and a step son Calvin Taylor. Joe and Sue have a business in Newell, S.D.

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