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Niobrara County Library History, part 2 by Edithe Foley

Courtesy of Library Archives, 11/01/1967

The years 1952-1967 were very busy and productive ones. Mrs. Jane Tyrrel was busy cataloging all the books. New book stacks were purchased, a card file was obtained, all with the idea of making the books readily available to the public. A telephone was installed, new lighting fixtures were put in and the constantly growing book stock all contributed to the use of the library. For instance, in 1955 there were 7160 volumes with a circulation of 10,799. In 1966-1967 there were 18,293 volumes with a circulation of 17,950.

In 1957 Mrs. Tyrrel was appointed librarian upon the resignation of Mrs. Lillian Peet who had served as librarian from 1939 to 1957. Mrs. Tyrrel continued to work for improvements and under her direction the basement was remodeled into an attractive office and reading room. There are many books here including a collection of mysteries, art books and music books, many of which were donated by Miss Alice Fowler.

During these years many high school girls have worked as pages after school and have been given the basic training in Library Science.

Mrs. Bernard Siglinger has worked as Assistant Librarian for the past seven years, starting in 1960.

Mrs. Tyrrel retired as librarian in October, 1966 and was succeeded by Mrs. Edithe Foley as librarian.

The library has been capably assisted by the board members who have served faithfully. Mrs. Muriel Dalgarno was appointed to the board in 1951 and served until 1962. Mrs. R. C. Bafford was appointed to take her place when she resigned. In 1957 Mrs. O. E. Torkelson replaced Mrs. Olive Johnson who resigned after serving 17 years. During this time Mrs. Johnson bought the books for the library. After Mrs. Johnson's resignation the books were ordered by the librarian. Mrs. Vernon Chard was appointed to replace Mrs. Torkelson who resigned in 1964. In August 1965 Mrs. Don C. Taylor was appointed to succeed Mr. G. L. Pfeifer who resigned after 20 years as treasurer of the board. In 1966 the board was increased to five members with Mrs. Tyrrel and Mr. Dan Christian as the new members.

In 1964 Mrs. Elsie Christian presented her painting "Historical Hat Creek" to the library and in 1966 Mrs. Berneice Bird presented her painting of Dr. Walter E. Reckling.

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