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Northside Park

Courtesy of Library Archives, 09/21/2015

The North Park, originally called "Riverside Park" was a project of the Community Council of Lusk. In 1947, Community Council was organized with Ralph Lingwood as president, Don C. Taylor as vice president and Phyllis Willson as secretary-treasurer. They completed many projects, including a football field/skating rink, a guard tower and spring board for the swimming pool, in addition to a heating system. Red Cross swimming instruction was provided, and children were transported by bus from Lance Creek for the lessons.

In the development of Riverside Park no names figure more prominently than those of Mrs. Blanche Spencer and the then mayor Oscar Bostrom. In 1955, Mrs. Spencer received a prize from Community Council for submitting the winning name of Riverside. The Council solicited money from the Lusk Woman's Club and the fourteen Extension clubs through the county for benches and play equipment. By 1955, benches, tables, a merry-go-round, a teeter-totter, swings, and rest rooms were all in service. Mrs. Spencer painted all of this equipment as a community service. The council paid Ralph McFarlane $40 for his labor in installing the merry-go-round. The Cline-Wolfe Buick service donated labor and equipment for digging the 60 post holes necessary for the new fence. Council members did the painting. In 1955, Mr. Bostrom and the Foster Lumber Co. made several tables and benches. Mayor Bostrom furnished labor and equipment for installing the underground rest rooms. The Council solicited $106 for the concrete. Mr. Bostrom also designed and installed the foot bridge - a thing of both beauty and utility. In 1957 the city engaged Mrs. Spencer as park caretaker. In 1961 she still services because, according to her, "I live here and the place has to look decent." In the summer of 1960 a committee from the council induced the city to install a booth for a tourist registration book and a coin box for contributions.

June 23, 1983
In Town Council minutes, the Council offered it's congratulations to the Recreation Board, the Town Crew and all volunteers that have worked so hard to get the new ball fields and concession stand ready for use.

Aug, 11, 1983
At the town council meeting, Supt. Titchener reported the new Northside Park project would be completed in the next week or two, with the exception of the seeding of one of the ball parks until more appropriate weather arrives.

June 17, 1987
Bids were requested by the Town of Lusk, due by July 1, 1987 for the North Park Running Track, 3 feet by 3000 feet, asphalt to be completed 10 days after the contract was awarded.

July 1, 1987
Bids for the walking path were taken under advisement. Bids included Menter Sand and Gravel of Douglas ($10,505) and Scherer Brothers of Casper ($10,767)

July 7, 1987
The walking path bid was awarded to Menter Sand and Gravel of Douglas

July 24, 1987
A tour of the new walking path was included in the ribbon cutting celebration of the new Highway 85 overpass constructed over the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad tracks.

August 4, 2015
The town council approved using the Wyoming Community Gas Community Distribution 2015 for the Town of Lusk of $4078.86 for improvement at Northside Park Playground and other items at the park.

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