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Niobrara County Library History, part 3 by Jane Tyrrel

Courtesy of Library Archives, 04/30/1976

A Reckling Memorial Globe was presented during the week of May 26 to June 2, 1966, this was given by the Dr. Reckling Memorial Committee with Dale M. Bardo, Chairman of the Memorial Fund Committee, officiating. About this time books in large print were put in the library and other reading aids for the blind and near-blind were added.

The historical file was started in 1967. This is the work of Mrs. Vernon Chard and Mrs. Jane Tyrrel and is a rich pool of knowledge about the history of the county and the people in it. The work is constantly being brought up to date.

Mrs. Fran Torkelson joined the staff as assistant librarian in 1968 and became librarian in 1969 when Mrs. Foley resigned. Mrs. Elvie Wilson, now Mrs. Woodsen Graham, became the assistant librarian in 1970.

1970 was an active year for the library. A slide projector and a movie projector were added for loan; also films, records and cassettes. The school district started their bookmobile, which relied heavily on the county library for books. A plan was formed whereby adult books were added for any rural person who wished to get books from their nearest school. In the library building a magazine storeroom was formed from an extra restroom and the upstairs was carpeted.

The loan collection continued to grow. In 1971 the books and audio-visual collection numbered 19,945 with the circulation at 34,545. At this time board members were Mrs. Don Taylor, Mrs. Roger Percival, Mrs. Vernon Chard, Mrs. Walter Tyrrel and James Willson. Mrs. Richard Collins was assistant librarian and Mrs. Betty Reed was clerk-typist. But Mrs. Wayne Tollman joined the staff the next year as assistant librarian and has remained ever since (1976).

Also in 1972 the "Friends of the Library" was organized, with Mrs. Jack Larson as president, Mrs. Lawrence Anderson as vice-president, Mrs. Dave Hamaker as secretary and Mrs. Burr Bryant as treasurer. The purpose of this organization is to supply the library with special equipment not allotted in the county budget. They began with making the Children's Room possible. They raised money for carpeting, made curtains and helped with the actual work of moving. Other donations were made: the late Mrs. Anna Costlow left money toward it, Earl Boner gave money for children's books, Mrs. Wayne Tollman gave three tables, the Frontier Lumber Co. donated lumber or small benches and the High School shop classes made the benches. The separate Children's Room had been a dream of librarians from the time of Mrs. Tyrell on. It opened in November 1972 with Vickie Smith as Children's Librarian and clerk-typist.

The next year the children's story hour was started and has continued as a regular feature. Lorraine Moore served as children's librarian the latter part of the year. At this time the Wyoming State Library gave a microfilm card catalog, so the county library could keep abreast of the state library collection.

Wanda (Mrs. James) Brown went in as children's librarian in 1974. The same year the B.P.O. Does donated film sound (film strip machine) for the children's Storyhour and the following year the Stockman's National Bank presented the library with a Apeco photocopier.

Also, in 1975 the book collection, including audio-visual material, stood at 26,061, with the circulation at 43,191.

The "Friends of the Library" now numbers 95 members. They have contributed many things, including upstairs drapes, book carts and stands for the copier and film sound, etc. Board members in 1976 are Mrs. Marjorie Sanders, Mrs. John DeGering, Mrs. Jack Larson, Dave Hamaker and John Goddard. Mrs. Dave Hamaker is president of the Friends of the Library.

The library has come a long way and is continually planning for the future.

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