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Niobrara Co. Passes Air Mail Quota Pageant at Lusk Airport at 3:00 P.M.

Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 05/19/1938

At this writing, Wednesday evening, May 18, more that 11 thousand air mail letters have been handled by the Post Offices of Niobrara County, and it is probable that another three thousand will come in by the end of the week.

The per capita dispatch of air mail in the United States for the week was set at 120 million, or one for each inhabitant. Already Niobrara County has better than two per capita, which is believed to establish a record for the country. A set of air mail letters, one from each county postoffice, has been sent to the Congressional Library in Washington, D. C., by Postmaster Mills.

Air Mail Pilot Everett Hogan will start on his rounds of the county postoffices at 5:00 o'clock Thursday morning, and will both deliver and gather up air mail. Many air mail letters were mailed in the Lusk postoffice Wednesday for various county post offices, which Hogan will deliver with his plane. This will be the first interpostoffice air mail delivery in the county, which in itself is worthy of note.

Pageant To Be Feature of Airport Dedication

A Pageant, participant in by the mail planes, the old Cheyenne and Black Hills stage coach, and the pony express, will feature the airport dedication at 3:00 o'clock Thursday afternoon. Acting Governor Lester C. Hunt will film the pageant and will also represent the State of Wyoming at the dedication. Russell Thorp, son of a one-time owner of the stage line, and Fred Sullivan and Ernest Logan of Cheyenne, both of whom were pioneer stage drivers, will also participate in the pageant. Mayor C. W. Spacht will formally dedicate the airport. Acting Governor Hunt, Mr. Thorp, President Erwin of the Lions Club, Mayor Spacht, and Mr. Logan will make brief remarks, and the Lusk High School Band under the direction of Frank Fero will furnish the music.

The airport dedication committee is composed of George Earl Peet, Hans Gautschi and J. C. Stone. Al Rundquist, an authority on stage coach paraphernalia, has made the rounds of the county gathering up horses and harness for the coach, so as to make the setting as realistic as possible.

Pony Express, Stage Coach and Mail Plane Featured

The Pony express, stage coach and mail plane will be featured in the pageant. The affair will start off with the coach coming in, loaded with a party of Easterners combing to visit their frontier relatives. The Easterners will be represented by N. E. Hartwell, Mrs. E. B. Willson, Miss Rosalie Fields, Ethel Gibson and Georgeanne Gibson, dressed in appropriate costumes. They will be met by a group of Wyoming natives represented by Helen Willson, Nellie Griffith, Mrs. Frank DeCastro, Frank DeCastro, Ed Arnold, Mrs. J. W. Christian, Mrs. Mae Fields, Florence Updike, Carrie McCarthy, Dan Jordan, Andy Christian John Sturman, Jim Christian, Bertha Boyd, Jimmie Griffith, Bobbie Willson and others, all dressed in frontier costume.

The public is cordially invited to attend the pageant and the dedication ceremonies, with will start about 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon at the airport.

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