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Hobbs, William (family information)

Courtesy of Library Archives, 07/31/1970

Notes on Hobbs - Fowler

Told by Wm. Hobbs granddaughter, Alice
Fowler to Jane Tyrrel, Aug. 1970

William Hobbs was born in Virginia.

Married Catherine Forman, who was born in Missouri.

They lived in Plattsmouth, Neb. for awhile until family were grown.

Children were: (not in chronological order, JT)
Flora m. Samuel Slaymaker
Gilbert - taught school in present Niobrara Co. at least 2 yrs.(JT)
Louise Katherine m. John Fowler (Did not come to Wyo. at that time)
She was later first librarian in Lusk. Their children were:
Alice music teacher in Lusk for years. An artist and member
of the Lusk Artists Group.(JT)

William Hobbs came to Wyoming and homesteaded at Head of Rawhide,
(present, 1970, Ira Lamb ranch home), in the late 1880's. Of
his family, Will, Gilbert & Flora accompanied their parents.
They lived in a log house. William died in his 90's.

Flora taught at the Thorpe ranch and others. After she married Mr. Slaymaker they lived in Douglas.

After William's death the ranch was left to Gilbert. Flora took care of Gilbert during an illness and the ranch came to the Slaymakers (who sold it to the Lambs?)(JT)

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