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Gaukel, Anna Personal History

Courtesy of Our Heritage: Niobrarans and Neighbors, 11/23/2020


by Mrs. Aaron Frye

Mrs. Anna Gaukel was born at Burwell, Nebr. Mr. Charles Gaukel was born in Chicago and came to Burwell with his family when he was seven years old. They lived a half mile apart and attended the same school. They were married in 1905 and lived a few years in Burwell where Emery and Allan were born. They moved to Weaubleau, Mo. For four years where Marie was born. The family moved back to Burwell where Ruby was born. In 1914, when land in Wyoming was open for homestead, the Gaukel family loaded up in a covered wagon pulled by four white horses and spent 14 days moving to the 320 acres of relinquishment land they bought from Goldie Day. Later they bought 120 acres from Ras Baughn and 120 acres open land.

When they arrived at their new home the only building was a 10 x 12 tarpaper shack. They built a 2-room house right a­ way.    As the Gaukels had left a crop in Burwell, Charles went back in the fall to gather his crops and horses etc. and brought them to Wyoming in an immigrant car. In February 1915 the Henry Kuiper family of Burwell came to Wyoming and they were snowed in at the Gaukel home for 4 days with 4 adults, 4 Gaukel children and 5 Kuiper children in their 2-room house.

Other children born in Wyoming were Margie, Clarence, Anna, Dot and Charles H. All the children attended Jireh school ex­cept Charles.  He attended the Gaukel School.  Some of the teachers were Mildred Rice, Ruth Younkin, Demmer and Dan Morse. At that time Jireh was a busy little col­lege town.

All their early farming was done with horses.  It was necessary to clear the land and break up the sod.  They always raised a big garden and had all the vegetables they could use for the family. Some years the surplus garden produce was sold to Hans Gautschi at the Manville Store.

Their early transportation was in spring or lumber wagon. Their first car, a Model T Ford, was bought from Jim Allsup of Manville in 1923.

Father James and Father Isadore were some of the priests from Douglas that came down on the train to hold meetings with the members at the Frank Fahy home.

They witnessed many blizzards, hail storms, wind storms, droughts and depres­sion years. When Allan was seven years old he and Emery were about a half-mile from home when Allan was rattle-snake bit. Emery fastened a small chain around his brother's leg and they ran for home. When Allan arrived, he passed out.  His father cut the snake bite and his mother applied poultice of fresh chicken entrails. They took him to the doctor in Manville and he gave him a shot of whiskey and told them to put on cold packs for 3 weeks.    He remained unconscious most of this time.

In 1927 they bought the Mission house in Jireh and moved it to their ranch. Mr. E. D. Lamb moved it.  They started to move the building in June with 48 head of horses.    They got across the railroad track the first day. The second day they used 64 horses and only moved a short distance.

The third day they used 82 horses and moved it within one mile of the home ranch when one of the timbers broke. The house remain there until November.  At this time they used a steam engine and tractor to compete the job.

After the family was raised, the Gaukels enjoyed fishing in the mountains and after Glendo Dam was built they bought a boat and fished in the reservoir.  Mr. Gaukel passed away in 1959. They had celebrated 50 years of marriage in 1955.

Mrs. Gaukel sold her ranch in 1968 and moved to Manville.  Every year she raises a large garden, enough £or her use and she generously gives a lot away.   She has the most beautiful flowers in town.

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