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by Wyoma Huey

Emma Charlotte Damme was born in Wayne, Nebr. in 1888, the daughter of Henry Mortiz and Wilhelmina Henrietta (Pahde) Damme. Her father was a native of Germany coming to America at the age of three with his father locating in Perry County, Missouri. He served under the Stars and Stripes during the Civil War, and left a creditable record.

He located in Nebraska City, Nebr. in 1865, driving stage in the early days between Salt Creek and Nemaha in Saline County, Nebr.

Mr. Damme married Wilhelmina Pahde at Nebraska City, Nebr.  The family came to Wayne County, Nebr. March 1, 1888 and lo­cated on the farm south of Wayne, Nebr. where Emma C. was born on Oct. 20, 1888. She was the youngest of 11 children.

Emma was baptized as an infant at the Altona Lutheran Church and renewed her baptism through confirmation at the same church when she was 13 years of age.

Emma grew to young womanhood on the farm, receiving her education in Parochial and German schools. Emma· was a talented organist and vocalist, playing the pipe organ at the Altona Luthern Church, Altona, Nebr. She learned the millinery trade and was also a dressmaker.

She came to Van Tassell, Wyo. in the fall of 1912, to file on a homestead. She was met at the depot (which was a box car) by Mr. Gagsetter, who was her locater, and lived four miles south of Van Tassell. Mr. Gagsetter located Emma 16 miles south of Van Tassell, in Goshen County. The land commissioner when she filed was Mr. Leonard. After filing Emma returned to her home in Wayne coming back to Wyoming in March 1913.

Her father returned with her to help her build her homestead house.

Emma lived on her homestead in a one­ room house by herself. She said there were no fences, and the cattle would wake her up in the morning by rubbing on the house. She had to carry her water to use for half a mile.

To prove up on the homestead she had to break up 40 acres out of the 320 into farmland.

On election days we had to go to the Wolfe ranch to vote.

She was on the mail route that ran from Van Tassell to Torrington.

One and half miles west of her home­ stead was a general store called Prairie Center where she done her trading. There was also a church and small cemetery. Her only transportation was her horse and buggy.

In the meantime when she didn't have to be on the homestead she came to Lusk and worked for Mrs. Henry in the store. It was located in the Old North Western Hotel.

This is where she met Mr. Rogers. Emma and Roy Rogers were married April 7, 1915. They lived on her homestead till they bought a place three miles south, from her sister, Mrs. Albert Doring.

Emma proved up on her homestead in 1917. She had to go to Jay Em, Wyo. where the land office was. The land Commissioner was Lake Harris.

While living at Prairie Center their oldest daughter, Wyoma Fay, was born in 1917.

In the spring of 1919 they moved to Lusk, as the boom was on and there was no housing, Emma returned to Wayne, Nebr. to stay while their home was being built.

While she was in Wayne their second daugh­ter, Minnie Bernice was born.  She returned to Lusk in August 1919 to move into her new home.

Mr. Rogers had a broker's office and was night marshall. Due to Mr. Roger's health in 1924, they moved six miles east of Lusk to the old Schmeer Ranch. The girls attended summer school at Node. The family lived there two years, then moving to a place six miles south of Lusk. Emma drove the school bus nine years into Lusk.

From there they moved to the Harkin place 10 miles south of Manville. The drought and grasshoppers caused them again to move to the Ad Spaugh ranch.

Emma tells of while they lived on the place south of Lusk and Harkins place the rattlesnakes were so bad they killed 125 one year, but no one was ever bitten.

Mr. Rogers passed away in 1940 and is buried in Lusk.Mrs. Rogers remained on the ranch, purchasing the ranch from Mr. Spaugh, and continued to manage the ranch until 1953, when she moved to her home in Lusk. Her daughter Minnie and husband, Floyd McCleerey took over the ranch where they still make their home.

Moving to town, Emma did not retire, but continued her nursing and taking care of the aged and helping her oldest daughter Wyoma and husband Archie Huey at their motel. If there was time to sit down she kept her hands busy crocheting and sewing.

Mrs. Rogers was her happiest when she was helping take care of the sick, helping to deliver a new baby or making life more enjoyable and comfortable for the old. She worked with Dr. Hassed while they were liv­ing in Lusk.

Emma never knew what it was to have idle time and remained active and working till the time of her death.

Emma was a member of the St. Pauls Lutheran Church of Lusk in which she was active with the Womens Missionary League.

She was also active with the Manville, Tumble Weed homemakers clubs, Historical Society, Hospital Auxiliary, and Federated Womens Club.

Emma passed away on May 19, 1973 and was laid to rest by her husband in the Lusk Cemetery.

Her family consisted of: Daughter Wyoma Fay married to Archie Huey. They had two sons, Robert James married to Kathleen Carne -- they have two children Robert James Jr. and Jenelle Lee. The other son, William Roy, married Debra Haines and they have one son, Aaron James. Daughter Minnie Bernice married to Floyd McCleerey and they had two children, son William Leslie and daughter Nancy Ann, married to William Fitzwater, and they have two children Raymond and Shelly.

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