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Tschacher, Michael Henry

Courtesy of Our Heritage: Niobrarans and Neighbors, 01/25/2021


by Mary L  Tschacher

Michael Henry Tschacher was born Feb. 6, 1880 at Luxemburg, Ia., son of Andrew and Mary Tschacher.   The family moved north of Hemingford, Nebr. where they farmed.

There were eight children born to this union. Mike attended a mission school at Pine Ridge, S.D.  He  was  al ays a true friend of the Indians, living and working around them when he could.

When Mike was a young man of about 21, he came to the Manville, Wyo. area and worked as a cowboy for Addison A. Spaugh and Harry B. Card for a number of years. For a short time he operated a livery barn in Hemingford, Nebr.

In 1909 he married Emma Marie Annen, born Aug. 16, 1890, daughter of Peter and Theodora Marua Fendrich Annen at Heming­ford. They lived and farmed around the Hemingford area where five children were born -- Laura, Lewis, Adelyn, Lloyd and Edwin.

The family, along with their daughter Laura, and husband Chester Burke, and baby son Loran moved to Wyoming in April, 1930, coming in a Model "T" Ford car and team and wagon, trailing the livestock along the Niobrara River.  They settled on land be­ longing to Joe Kuhn south of Jireh, Wyo . , where they lived six years. They moved to Manville for a short time, then went to Hagerman, Ida. for their son Edwin's health. He having had a bout with rheumatic fever. Here they operated a service station. They returned to Manville in 1942 and settled on a place three and a half miles west of town, known as the Christian Place.

Mike and Emma retired in Manville in April 1952.  Mike passed away Jan. 14, 1958 and is buried in the Lusk cemetery.

Of the children, Laura married Chester Burke, moved from the Manville area to Orin, Wyo. where they lived many years, and they are now retired and live in Glendo, Wyo. Four children were born, Loran, Robert, deceased, Naomi and Sandra.  There are nine grandchildren and one great-grand­ child.

Lewis married Erma Parmely and lives south of Lusk. Two children were born, Floyd and Darrell.  There are four grand­ children.

Adelyn was married to Edmund Brooks and lived and ranched eight miles south of Man­ville.  Four children were born, Ralph, deceased, Donald, Gary, and Sharon. There are eight grandchildren.  Edmund passed away Aug. 1, 1945.  Adelyn is now married to Verner Johnson and lives in Oklahoma City, Okla.

Lloyd married Mary Ferris Weaver and lives one and a half miles south of Manville. She has a daughter, Raelena, and there are three grandchildren. Lloyd served in the armed services in World War II.

Edwin married Francis Johnson and lives on the home place three and a half miles west of Manville.  Seven children were born, Marcus, Judy, Kathleen , Patrick, Susan, Michael, and Lee.  There are four grand­ children. During World War II, Edwin worked at the prisoner of war camp near Douglas, Wyo.

Lewis Tschacher passed away July 24, 1978 in Converse County Hospital.

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