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Osborn, Lue Edmund

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by Mabel Osborn

Lue Edmund Osborn was born at Brocksburg, Nebr., May 6, 1894. His mother, Emma Belle Pettit, was the daughter of a Civil War veteran, Edmund F. Pettit, a native of Randolph County, Illinois. Mr. Pettit saw service at Shiloh, Corinth, Luke, Vicksburg, Big Shanty and in all, over 13 battles. He received severe wounds. He was an early settler of Keya Paha County Nebraska, and in 1868 married Miss Hattie Scott from his neighborhood.   They had two children, Emma Belle and Charley.

Emma Belle married William Leonard Osborn and Charley Pettit married Stella Carr of Springview, Nebr.

Mrs. Pettit died June 1876. He located in Keye Paha County in 1883.

Emma Pettit and Will Osborn had four sons: Guy Arneldo, now at Sunnyside, Wash.; Charles Arthur, a veteran of World War I, who died in 1918; Lue Edmund, who married Mabel Caroline Bussinger and now lives at Hat Creek, Wyo.; and Orrie William of Sun­nyside, Wash.

Lue retired at 65, but has kept busy with a few sheep and keeping up the home place.

Lue Osborn was one year old when his parents bought a farm nine miles southeast of Springview, Nebr. where Lue grew to man­ hood. He spent most of his youth helping his father farm and later took over the management of this place.  There he raised horses, cattle and hogs, raising all of his own grain and hay.

On Dec. 9, 1916 he and Mabel Caroline Bussinger of Bassett, Nebr. were married at Ainsworth, Nebr.

While they were still living on the farm, their daughter Geraldine Frances was born at Lusk, Wyo. May 19, 1918, and daugh­ter Lola Blanche was born at Lance Creek, Wyo., Aug. 18, 1920 while Mabel was visiting her mother Martha Leach.

On Jan. 12, 1922 the Osborn’s moved to Lusk and in April moved to their present place at Hat Creek, Wyo.

During the following years Lue farmed, drove school buses, both at Hat Creek and Lance Creek, worked for the Carbon Black Co., the Illinois Pipe Line and the Rocky Mountain Pipe Line at Lance Creek.  He also worked on numerous "wildcat" oil wells.

During this period, Wyoma Lou, born Sept. 26, 1922, Joicelyn Joy, Oct 17, 1931, and Donna Kay, Feb. 23, 1938 were all born at Lusk.

In 1935 Mabel and Lue purchased the farm from her mother, Martha Leach Osborn, Lue continued farming and they raised hogs and turkeys, besides milking cows and farming. Lue also worked cutting lodge poles south of Douglas and Mabel supervised the making of mattresses at the Armory building in Lusk. Mabel was a leader of 4-H many years and belonged to the Extension Club;

in 1947 she received her 20-year certificate. Mabel's mother was old and ill, so in 1947 they sold all their livestock and moved to Elmira, Ore. They stayed there until Joy graduated from High School. They returned home July 10, 1949.

Their oldest daughter, Geraldine, married George Trembley and had one son,· Lue Erwin, of Thorton, Colo., April 1, 1940. He was born in Lusk. Her husband passed away on their third anniversary. Her name is now Mrs. Joe Williams of Casper, Wyo.

Lola married Edward T. Lewis. They have two daughters, Cristy Rae of the family home at Gering, Nebr. and Mrs. Neil Peterson, 
"Georgeann", of Henry, Nebr. Wyoma married James M. Seamans of Casper and lives at Houston, Tex. Their family includes three daughters, Sandra Kay, Mrs. Robert Schillings "Linda Sue", and Carol Ann.

Joicelyn married Emmett Belcher of Eugene, Ore. They live at Casper and have three children; Jo Laraine, a junior at Wyoming University; James Lue; and Jill Renee of the family home.

Donna married Robert L. Weiss of Johnston, Colo. They now reside in Arvada, Colo. and have three children; twins, Michelle and Michael; and Camila Kay, all at home.

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