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Armory Costing $15,000 To Be Built Here In Near Future

Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 02/24/1927

According to Adjutant General Walter F. Davis, a new $15,000 armory will be built at Lusk at once, out of a special appropriation made by the recent Legislature for that purpose.

Three new armories are to be built, the ones at Sheridan and Casper to be constructed out of funds derived at a later date from the one-twelfth mill levy tax, and the plant at Lusk will be built as soon as the details in regard to the site and the specifications to comply with war department requirements have been settled.

It is understood that the land upon which the armory is to be built is to be transferred to the state at no cost, and will have to be donated by the city of Lusk or some individual or organization.

As yet no site for the building has been suggested. It is understood that when all members of the Niobrara county delegation return to Lusk that a mass meeting of citizens will be called, probably the coming Saturday night at which time all details in connection with the armory will be discussed.

Mrs. Rochelle arrived in Lusk yesterday and Senator Hartwell and representative Jack are expected Thursday or Friday. Mrs. Rochelle declined to make a statement as to details for the armory until she learned the out come of a conference between Representative Jack and Adjutant General Davis. 

The Lusk Herald, March 3, 1927


It is expected that some definite action will be taken within a short time in regard to the building of the Armory in Lusk, as a result of a conference held Wednesday of this week between Dr. W. H Hassed, captain of the local unit, and Adjutant General Davis and Governor Emerson. Dr. Hassed went to Cheyenne Wednesday morning and is expected to return to Lusk sometime this (Thursday) evening.

Several sites have been suggested as a location for the Armory, but nothing definite has been decided upon. The $15,000 appropriation is for the building, and the site must be furnished the state free of charge.

It will be necessary to wait until the plans and specifications for the building have been studied to determine just what kind of a plot of ground will be suitable. It is expected that the plans used by the state of Colorado in building armories will be followed.


The Lusk Herald, April 7, 1927


Construction Work to Begin on Local Guard Headquarters As Soon As Plans Are Approved and Suitable Site is Chosen

At a meeting of the military board in Cheyenne Wednesday, plans for the construction of the armory building at Lusk were submitted by architect Wilbur A. Hitchcock of Laramie, and were taken under advisement by the board, who will announce a decision soon.

The set of plans submitted by the architect provided for a building suitable only for a medical unit, but the board was of the opinion that it would be advisable to commence the construction of a larger building which would be adequate if later a troop of cavalry or infantry was organized in Lusk. If this course if followed, the building of a much larger structure will be commenced at once and finished as far as then can be entirely completed when Lusk come in for its share of the money derived from the one-twelfth mill levy, which will probably be in 1929 or 1930. However, in any event, the building will be finished so that it can be used for all purposes for which it is intended, but the interior, the living quarters and offices on the second floor cannot be completed until more money is available.

Two sites for the building are being considered by the board. The local American Legion post has offered to donate its lot on Main street, and it is understood that the Congregational church board is willing to donate its lot at the corner of Fifth and Elm streets, across from the Courthouse.

A committee representing the military board will probably be in Lusk as soon as the revised plans are completed to select a site for the building. The board expressed its willingness to use materials purchased in Lusk, and use Lusk labor as far as is practicable in constructing the building.


The Lusk Herald, May 5, 1927


Bids for the construction of a State Guard Armory in Lusk, to be built of brick and tile, have been called for by Adjutant General Davis, the bids to be opened May 26, and the contract to be let on May 27.

Wilbur Hitchcock, one of the best-known public building architects in the state, has prepared plans for the Armory, and the plans and specifications may be secured by addressing him at 206 Grand Avenue, Laramie.

The building will be of brick and tile, and two stories and a basement, and will include bowling alleys a pool-room and a shooting gallery as the amusement features.

The site for the building has not been definitely as yet, but it is believed the American Legion lot on Main street will be selected as the most suitable for the building, It is centrally located and of sufficient size to accommodate the kind of a building desired by the military board.

While no definite announcement has been made, it is understood the building will be started as soon as a contract can be let and will be ready for use in early fall. 

The Lusk Herald, June 16, 1927 


P. H. Frohlick of Cheyenne Successful Bidder; Legion Lot is Likely Site    

The contract for building the Lusk Armory was let to P.H. Frohlick, a Cheyenne contractor, last Tuesday when his bid of $13, 980 was accepted by the state military board.

According to the terms of the contract, the Armory must be finished in 100 days, which would make its completion practically certain about the 22nd day of September.

While no official announcement has been made, it is presumed the military board will select the American Legion lot on Main street as the site for the new armory. The legion has executed a deed and formally made a tender of the lot to the state without any restrictions being placed on their offer. This lot has a frontage of 90 feet by almost 300 feet deep, and its central location would make an ideal location for such a public building.

When bids were asked for the Armory a short time ago, they were all rejected because they exceeded the legislative appropriation of $15,000.00 made for that purpose. The plans were then revised and new bids asked for. Seven contractors submitted new bids, Mr. Frohlicks being the lowest.

It is understood that the contractor will be in Lusk within the next week and preparations will be made to start building operations as soon as the material can be obtained.


The Lusk-Standard, June 30, 1927

Ground was broken and the excavation work for the new Lusk Armory began the first of the week, with F.W. Reed of Lusk in charge of the work.

P.H. Frohlick, the Cheyenne contractor who will construct the building, is expected to arrive here to take active charge of the work in a few days.

The first unit of the building will be 60 feet front by a depth of 30 feet, which will be added onto as soon as fund are made available. The front, which will be of brick and tile, and the offices will be finished at once.

The contract for the building specifies its completion within 100 days after the letting on the contract, which would make it ready for use about the middle of September. The contract price for the first unit is $13,980.

The Lusk Herald-Standard, August 4, 1927


One carload of brick, one of cement and another carload of hollow building tile, together with other sundry material, has arrived for the new Lusk armory, and so far as we have been able to learn, the work is progressing rapidly.


The Lusk Herald, August 11, 1927 


Work on the national Guard Armory in Lusk is progressing satisfactorily, and it is probable that the building will be completed in contract time. The brick work is going up fast and when completed will make an attractive building.

The Lusk Herald-Standard, October 27,1927


The National Guard Armory in Lusk, with the exception of the plumbing, is practically complete, and within a short time will be formally turned over to the state.

While no definite arrangements have been made it is expected that some sort of ceremonies, probably by the local post of the American Legion, will take place at the formal opening of the building. The Legion donated the lot upon which the building was erected, to the state.

Nothing definite has been announced as to the furnishing of the building yet. The structure contains several fine rooms for officers, equipment, recreation rooms, shower baths, and a large meeting hall on the top floor, No appropriation has been made by the state for furnishing the building, and this problem will probably devolve upon the new guard unit to be organized here, or some of the civic bodies.

The Lusk Herald, November 10, 1927


Public Invited to Inspect New Home of Lusk Guard Unit

The new Lusk Armory which will be headquarters for the local unit of the Wyoming National Guard, will be completed and open to the public for inspection on Armistice Day, Friday, November 11.

At this time there will be no formal opening or dedication of the Armory, but at some later date, when the local Guard unit has been completely organized and equipped, officers of the unit, probably in conjunction with the local American legion post, which dedicated the lot on which the Armory is built, it is planned to have a formal opening of the building with appropriate ceremonies.

Arrangements for the opening will be at a time when Governor Emerson, Brig. Gen. Burke H. Sinclair, and other high civil and military officials of the state can be present to participate.

The new Armory is one of the best of its kind in the state and will serve as a model for similar structures to be built later at Casper and Sheridan. The entire sum of $15,000 appropriated by the last Legislature, was used in putting up the present building, and it is hoped that the next Legislature will appropriate an additional sum to erect an auditorium in the rear which can be used as a drill hall.

Adjutant General Walter F. Davis inspected the building this week and expressed himself as well pleased with the work of the contractor.


The Lusk Herald, December 29, 1927


At a meeting last Tuesday of the Lusk Post of the American Legion, held in the local Armory, it was decided that all the expense of the athletic equipment for the local Armory would be borne by that organization.

The appropriation for the building of the Armory did not carry sufficient funds to pay for the equipment. The local Legion post, having given the lot upon which the building was erected, has been assured by the authorities in charge of the Armory that it might be used by them for a nominal rental, so at the regular meeting of the post it was decided that the thing to do was to put the building in shape to be utilized by the local guard company as well as by the Legion.

Commander Read was authorized to appoint two committees, one to make the necessary purchases of equipment, and one to provide entertainments and to raise to money to pay for it.

The first committee is headed by F.A. Barrett, with Glen Cates, R.A. Faulk and Frank Chambers. The second committee is composed of Prof. W.C. Smith, chairman; A.H. Beach, W.B. Street and Pat Costlow. Commander Read will, by virtue of his office, will be the fifth member of each of the committees.

It is planned to put in full athletic equipment and entertainments of this nature will be put on from time to time, and it is hoped that this will begin about the first of February. 

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