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Lusk Radium Sanitarium

Courtesy of The Lusk Standard, 11/04/1921


The Lusk Standard, November 4, 1921

There has never been a discovery of real interest or benefit in the history of the world that has not brought forth a storm of criticism, it matters not the nature of the discovery.  In this instance it is the discovery of the fact that radium contains medicinal properties that when administered internally will prove a general stimulant and will relieve pain by Dr. Bailey of Chicago, who has visited a number of times in the interest of our radium mines, realizing as he does the wonderful good latent therein, both for relief of suffering humanity, and the building up of our little city from a business standpoint.  

It will perhaps be appreciated more to learn it is not receiving just local discussion, and criticism but national. It is a sign of growth when a thing is being criticized. The thing or person who never amounts to anything in life is the one who never is criticized. When it is pulled apart, dissected, and otherwise generally analyzed, it is the most encouraging thing that can happen to it, whatever it may be. 

The San Diego, California Union has the following to say of Dr. Bailey and his theory of the use of radium for medicinal purposes, under the date of October 16th:

Dr. E. Stillman Bailey, who startled the medical world this week by saying radium rays administered internally will cure disease, is elated by the storm of criticism he has aroused.  “I welcome criticism,” he said in an interview today, “and I shall prove that I am correct. I repeat that radium rays caught in water or sugar of milk form a constructive and not a destructive force and will cure disease. My own patients are examples.

My criticism has brought a wave of violent criticism from many doctors, especially in New York.  So far the criticism has been a plain denial. No one has advanced an argument or reason to prove me wrong. “I shall waste no time answering that kind of criticism. When my critics back up their denial with reasons in a scholarly and logical form I will prove my contentions.”

Dr. Bailey, who is a modest, quiet man, passed middle age, said he had been experimenting with his cures for ten years. He said he is interested in a uranium mine in Lusk, Wyo., and uses the ore from that mine in changing sugar of milk tablets with radium rays. He does not use naked radium in his work but merely the ore as it comes from the mines. He has in his laboratory several bags of the stock.

“I do not use the Gamma rays,” he said, “which are the most violent of the three radium rays. I use the Beta and alpha rays, for both are electromagnetic in character. 

All radium has the same point of force. There is no such thing as weal or strong radium. Therefore I can determine exactly just how much curative force I can get from a given piece of ore.

Radium rays can be discharged into water, oils, or clay and can be collected as fast as can be collected as fast as formed.  When these rays are confined in sugar of milk they hold their radioactivity, which is long lasting.”

Explains His Theory

Stripping his story of technical language, the doctor then said in substance:

“Radium rays thus administered in tablets or water increase the red corpuscles in the blood at the rate of 250,000 in 48 hours.”

“They drive carbon dioxide from the body and this is valuable in healing sickness.’

“They cure rheumatism by keeping the acid in solution and preventing it from making deposits in the joints.”

“They improve the appetite by increasing the digestive ferments. “

“They relieve pain and are a general stimulant, but the effect in this case in not lasting.”

“Though they sometimes react in a headache or nauseate the temporary reactions are always followed by a better physical condition.”

“Radium rays administered internally in small doses are always constructive and never destructive.”

Radium Baths Popular

He said the taking of radium baths is popular in Europe and are always stimulating and never depleting.

The radium institute in London,” he continued, “collects emanations in water which is given to patients suffering with various diseases.” The doctor did not name any of his patients, but intimated he will use them as exhibits when the time comes to prove his contentions.

“Of course I expected criticism,” he said, “All pioneers are criticized. There was a time when people did not think we could use electricity constructively. We know less about radium than we do of electricity and we are just beginning to get a glimpse of the wonderful properties of both.”

Dr. Bailey first announced his discovery before the Central Society of Physical Therapeutists in convention three days ago.

“Radium rays caught in sugar of milk and made in tablets work miracles when taken internally. They prevent hardening of the arteries which is due to blood pressure. Acute pain disappears as if by magic. Invalidism, characteristic of old age, vanishes. The workers in uranium mines are immune from the flu, rheumatism, gout, neuritis because the water they drink is charged with radium rays.”

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