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Arnold House

Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 01/20/1910

310 South Main Street, Lusk Wyoming

The Lusk Herald, October 24,1907

Ed Arnold has bought a couple of residence lots north of Mrs. Lusk's residence and will build a modern dwelling thereon early next spring. Who will be the next to follow the excellent example being set along this line?

The Lusk Herald, January 20, 1910

Arnold Has Added Another Fine Residence

The new Arnold residence is certainly up-to-date, commodious and comfortable as a home, and an ornament to the town, reflecting the good taste of the owner and the skill of the builder and his assistants.

The building, which is two and one-half stories and basement, sits well back from the street and has ample ground on either side to set off its stately proportions. Broad cement steps lead up to a large porch occupying the entire east side of the building, and providing cooling shade for a hot morning. The main entrance is through a large door-way into a reception hall 22 1/2 x 16 1/2 feet, and as the door closes behind you, turn around and look through a magnificent oval plate glass window which reveals a nice view of the town to the east. To the left of the reception hall is the parlor, a large well lighted room 17 x 20 feet, not including an immense bay window facing east; in one corner of this room is a highly polished oak mantel and tile fireplace. Next to the parlor is the dining room and it is certainly a thing of beauty, lined all around with oaken wainscot five an one-half feet high, surmounted by a wide plate rail; this wood-work is finished in eggshell dull gloss, giving a most pleasing effect. These three rooms are separated by heavy oak folding doors, which can be pushed back at any time and the three rooms made practically one.

A broad stairway leads up to the second floor, and half way up to the turning, your eyes rest upon a beautiful stained glass window which is an ornament to that side of the building. There are four bedrooms on the second floor and they are well lighted and ventilated, each provided with a commodious closet with sets of drawers, shelves and the latest conveniences. A large bathroom adds to the comfort of this part of the house, On the third floor there are also several bed-rooms with modern conveniences, which can be used when the capacity of the second floor is overtaxed.

In the basement, which is walled and floored with cement, there are the furnace, coal, laundry and store rooms, with every appliance for up-to-date housekeeping that modern invention and ingenuity afford.

Architect Phillips, of Douglas, designed the building, and Ed. H, Reavill, also of Douglas, was the builder. Much of the credit of bringing out the architect's and owner's plans, must be given to Elmer E. Ranck, Mr. Reavill's superintendent, who was ever "on the spot" to see that all the requirements were being fulfilled. 

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