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Paul Carl Geike

(01/25/1894 - 06/02/1968)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 06/13/1968

Funeral Held For Paul Geike

Funeral services for Paul Carl Geike were held the afternoon of June 5 at Memorial Methodist Church in Harrison, and burial was in the Harrison Cemetery.

Robert Todd officiated. Active pallbearers were Everett Thomas, Harry Zimmerman, James Peterson, Con Jordan, Orlando Osborn, and Buster Wickersham. Honorary pallbearers were Sam Thomas Sr., Bruce Parsons, J. O. Seaman. Organist was Mrs. Martin Koch, and songs were sung by Miss Lily Larsen, Mrs. Bill Renning, Mrs. Bill Didier, Mrs. Ted King and Mrs. Charles Mumby.

Mr. Geike was born to August and Bertha Geike on January 25, 1894, and died at his home in Harrison June 2 at the age of 74. He was born at Elsie, and while a small child traveled to Lockport, Ill., in a covered wagon where the family lived until moving to Sioux County in 1905 where he made his home at the family homestead until 1917. He then entered the armed forces and served until the end of the war.

In 1920 he married Eva Virginia Keel to whom three children were born; Rachael Mae Patton of Story, Wyo., Bob of Jeffrey City, Wyo., and Sue Serres of Harrison.

After his marriage he lived until retirement at his ranch on Squaw Creek. In 1962 Mr. and Mrs. Geike bought a home in Harrison where he lived until his death.

He leaves his wife, his three children, seven grandchildren, one sister, Mrs. Carrie Burke of Lusk, two brothers, Henry of Lusk and Rudolph of Harrison.

He was preceded in death by his parents, one brother, and two sisters.

He was a member of the Harrison Methodist Church and Sioux County V.F.W. Post 7970.

Out-of - town people here for the Geike funeral were: Mrs. Leo Kaper and daughter, Lander, Wyo.; Mrs. Clarence Patton, Mrs. Lawrence and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Patton, Robert, Gary and Richard all of Torrington., Wyo.; Mrs. Barbara Lingreen, Bob and Debbie, Sterling, Colo.;

Mrs. Vivian Keel, Mrs. Noal Larson, Mrs. Elsie Lewis, Malter Larson, Eldon Lewis, Mrs. Therese Johnston, Miss Sandra Geike, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Thomas Sr., Mrs. Samuel M. Thomas, Albert Meier, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seaman, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Geike, Mrs. Nellie Baker, Mr. and Mrs. John Burke all of Lusk;

Mrs. Edith Ruffing, Charles Kuhnel, and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Serres all of Crawford; Kenneth Houx of Keeline, Wyo., Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Osborn, Kenneth and Charles, Chadron, Bob Geike, Jeffrey City, Wyo.; Mrs. Lee Moore, Manville, Wyo.; Raymond Moore and Mrs. Blanche Wise , Riverton, Wyo.; Donald Burke, Casper, Wyo.; Mrs. Wilma Teeters and Mrs. Ivan White and daughters, Ainsworth.

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Mr. and Mrs. Paul Geike
46th Anniversary Party for Mr. and Mrs. Paul Geike

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