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Douglas Dean Gladson

(07/02/1938 - 08/06/1967)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 08/10/1967

Doug Gladson Found Electrocuted Monday

Douglas D. Gladson, 29, was found dead a half mile east of the Lusk Livestock Commission Co. about 9:00 a.m. by ten year old Lex Madden and his father Joe Madden. It was estimated by Niobrara County Health officer Danvis W. Rust that he had been dead 12 to 14 hours before being found. Tuesday a Niobrara coroner's jury found his death was caused by accidental electrocution.

From the investigation and testimony at the inquest Tuesday afternoon it was evident that he had intended to add a section of aluminum irrigation pipe to a string that was already in use. The section of pipe he evidently intended to use was clogged with dirt and he must have been trying to knock the dirt from the pipe while standing on a trailer which held the extra pipe. The pipe he was holding hit a 14,000 volt Niobrara Electric Association high line.

After the discovery, Dr. Danvis Rust, Niobrara County Health Officer, estimated that he had been dead from 12 to 14 hours which would make the time of the accident between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. Sunday.

An autopsy was performed in Cheyenne Monday and the conclusion was that death was by electrocution.

When found he was draped over the pipe on the trailer on his back. Lafe Culver, C. E. Marvin and Don Whiteaker served on the jury. Justice of the Peace V. Wingren presided in the absence of Niobrara County Coroner, George Earl Peet.

Funeral services were held this Wednesday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock for Mr. Gladson at the Peet Chapel in Lusk. Burial was in the Lusk Cemetery.

Casket bearers were: Glen Parmely, Ed Cook, Jack Pfister, Clarence Siebken, Charles Christian and Don Packard.

The Rev. Harold Brink of the Open Bible Church in Lusk officiated. Organist, Mrs. J. P. Watson, accompanied by Mrs. A. F. DeCastro and Mrs. Dean Glandt as they sang "We Are Going Down the Valley" and "Beyond the Sunset."

Douglas Dean Gladson was born July 2, 1938, at Milburn, Nebr., to James P. and Mary Gladson.

He married Aletha Barkus, October 18, 1959, and they were the parents of one daughter, Penny Kay.

Doug was always a lover of livestock and followed rodeos. He worked for Joe Madden since a small boy, except for six years. He worked one year for Charles Christian as a filling station attendant. Three years as manager of Northside Service Station and two years as a ranch hand for Turnbull and Pfister.

His father, two brothers and three sisters died previously.

Survivors are his widow, Aletha; a daughter Penny Kay; mother, Mary Gladson of Lusk; two sisters, Sadie Bartow and Deloris Schofield and a brother Virgil all of Torrington.

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