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Twila Ann Grote

(06/09/1962 - 04/02/1983)
Courtesy of The Harrison Sun, 04/14/1983

Twila Grote

Funeral services for Twila Grote, 20, was held April 5, at the Redeemer Lutheran Church in Harrison. She died suddenly April 2 at the Crawford Memorial Hospital.

Twila Ann Grote was born June 9, 1962, to Melvin and Madeline Grote in Lusk. She was reared on a farm near Harrison and attended grade school at a rural school and at district 7 in Sioux County. She was a 1980 graduate of Sioux County High School.

Twila spent a summer working at Ft. Robinson and a later summer at a resort near Jackson. After attending Nebraska Western College for a semester, she worked at Nile Valley Savings and Loan in Scottsbluff. Twila lived at Crawford and was working at Ponderosa Villa at the time of her death.

In April, 1976, she was confirmed and became a member of the Redeemer Lutheran Church of Harrison.

Music at the memorial service was provided by Dorothy Todd, organist, and Jayne Jordan, Pat Jordan, Kathy Watson, Kyle Flaherty and Buff Coffee who sang "He" and "In the Garden." The congregation sang "What a Friend We Have In Jesus." Active pallbearers were Bill Buckley, Kevin Grote, Scott Grote, Skip Dunn, Rodney Grote and Shannon Bruegger. Honorary bearers were Mike Kuhnel, Edgar Hatch, Wayne Lewis, Cody Bruegger, Gerry Mack, Dale Wickersham, Mike Shay, Neal Wickersham and Lee Bruegger.

Twila is survived by her parents, three sisters Bonnie and Connie Grote and Sandy Geiser, a brother Bill, one brother-in-law John Geiser, nephews and niece J.W. Jory and Joni Geiser, grandmothers Emma Grote, Harrison and Martha Bruegger of Lusk and many aunts, uncles and cousins.

Burial was in the Harrison Cemetery.

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