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Adolph M. Heller

(11/30/-0001 - 06/20/1966)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 07/07/1966

Mrs. Peterson Loses Brother and Sister Within Ten Hours

Adolph M. Heller, 75, of Casper, formerly of Van Tassell, died June 20, and Mrs. Bertha C. Brandt, 86, of Brunswich, Nebr., died June 21 at Brunswich. Mr. Heller is the brother of Mrs. Arnietta Peterson of Lusk, and Mrs. Brandt is the sister of Mrs. Peterson. The two died within ten hours of each other, and funeral services for both were held last Thursday at 10:00 a.m.

Funeral services for Mr. Heller were conducted at the Bustard Funeral Home in Casper with the Rev. A. G. Johnson officiating.

Mr. Heller, a native of Ute, Ia., was reared at Neligh, Neb., and homesteaded near Harrison, Nebr. On Oct. 1, 1919 he was married to Clara Fisher of Valentine, Nebr., at Van Tassell. They ranched at Harrison, Van Tassell, and Ft. Laramie, moving to Casper about five years ago.

He is survived by his wife; four sons, Lorenz of Cheyenne, Harry of Casper, Leslie of Lingle, and Adolph of Bozeman, Mont.; six daughters, Mrs. Hazel Hockstra of Portland, Ore., Mrs. Dorothy Peterson of Woonsocket, S. Dak., Mrs. Claretta Benesh of Denver, Colo., Mrs. Elsie Keeran of Torrington, Mrs. Alberta Everett of Portland, and Mrs. Della Wolfe of Casper; one brother, Lorenz, of Torrington; and three sisters, Mrs. Peterson of Lusk, Mrs. Freda Stone of Plainview, Nebr., and Mrs. Blondian Heberstrab of Grand Island, Nebr. Two daughters died previously.

Funeral services for Mrs. Brandt were held in the Congregational Church at Brunswick with the Rev. Ray Ham officiating. Interment was in the Laurel Hill Cemetery in Neligh, Nebr.

Mrs. Brandt was born August 5, 1880, in Denison, Ia. She is survived by two daughters and two sons, her husband and a son died previously.

Mrs. Peterson was just leaving for her brother's funeral in Casper when she learned of her sister's death. A brother-in-law, Paul Peterson, 96, of Neligh, Nebr., died last week.

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