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Elizabeth Ellen Holland

(05/06/1898 - 12/21/1965)
Courtesy of The Harrison Sun, 12/30/1965

Elizabeth Dunn Holland Dies

Elizabeth Dunn Holland, 67, former resident of Sioux County, died December 21 at St. Vincent's Hospital in Indianapolis where she had undergone major surgery on December 7. She had been admitted to the hospital on November 17.

The funeral service was held at St. Gabriel's Catholic Church at Speedway, Ind., her home, on December 23.

Elizabeth Ellen Dunn, daughter of Philip and Lenora Sherill Dunn, was born May 6, 1898, near Harrison on her grandfather's place now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Geike. She grew up in Sioux County, attended high school both at Crawford and Harrison and graduated from the Harrison high school.

She moved to Douglas, Wyo., with her parents and taught school one year. On April 10, 1920, she was married to John R. Holland at St. James Parish in Douglas and they resided there for three years. She was a devout Catholic.

A son, Jackie, died at Lusk in 1924 at the age of four days. A daughter, Iris, was killed in 1936 in a tragic car accident east of Parkerton, Wyo., which also claimed the life of a girl who was with her.

Mr. Holland was an operator on the Chicago & North Western Railroad and he died at Speedway, Ind., in 1960 a few weeks after they moved there.

Survivors include three children: Ruth Delph of Speedway, Glen Holland of Pomeroy, Ia., and Ralph Holland of Indianapolis; fourteen grandchildren; two brothers and three sisters, Clarence Dunn and Mary Bruner of Douglas, Wyo., Edith Holden of Casper, Wyo., Ralph Dunn of Tulsa, Okla., Ruth Reber of Yucaipa, Calif.

Mrs. Holland was a cousin of Lester, Arthur and Vernon Dunn of Harrison, and she came this summer for the annual Dunn Reunion held at Douglas.

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