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John "Jack" Wyles Hunter Sr.

(09/29/1892 - 09/13/1968)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 10/03/1968

Last Rites Held For John Hunter At Edgemont

Funeral services for John Hunter Sr., 75, of Ardmore, S.Dak., were held September 16 at 2:00 at the Edgemont Shared Ministry Church with the Rev. Kenneth Moreland and the Rev. Richard Tufte officiating.

Dr. and Mrs. James Bastian were in charge of the music.

Honorary pallbearers were Kenneth Helsel, Charis Fleming, Bill Michaels, Joe Trotter, Art Honadel, Marvin Kern, Don Henry, Levi Madsen, Curt Larvie and Carl Tubbs.

Casket bearers included Ed Fitzgerald, Reg Christman, Rudy Hartman, Dean Fitzgerald, B. K. Lyon, John La Bree, Dan Jordan and Vernon Chard.

Interment was in the Duck Creek Cemetery at Armore with military rites by American Legion Posts 172 and 197.

John Wyles Hunter was born September 29, 1892, near Bodarc, Nebr., the son of John William and Margaret Caroline Dixon Hunter. During his youth he worked on ranches and participated in numerous roundups. He was orphaned at the age of ten and began wrangling horses at the age of fourteen.

On December 22, 1917, he was married to Marjorie Rineer at Harrison, Nebr. Three sons were born, Bruce, who died in infancy, John Wyles, and Darrell Dean, who were in partnership with their father on his ranch near Ardmore.

Mr. Hunter served in the Army during World War I and had been a member of the American Legion for 50 years. He served as a member and chairman of the Selective Service System Board No. 23, Hot Springs, S. Dak., for 16 years until his retirement at age 75.

Following World War I, he and his wife homesteaded near Provo, S. Dak., where they lived until 1921 when they moved to the ranch near Ardmore, residing there until his death.

He died at Gregory, S. Dak., on September 13. He is survived by his wife, Marjorie, two sons, Jack Jr., and Dean, four grandchildren, all of Ardmore; one brother, Tom, of Casper, Wyo.; two sisters, Myrtle Points of Rushville, Nebr., and Mable Jordan of Miles City, Mont. He was preceded in death by his parents, one brother and three sisters.

Relatives from away who attended the funeral were: Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hunter, Casper, Wyo.; Mrs. Myrtle Points of Rushville, Nebr.; brother and sister of Mr. Hunter; Walter Rineer, Bakersfield, Calif.; Florence Smith, Fullerton, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Art Curtis, Cozad, Nebr.; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Burgess, Keystone, S. Dak.; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Fitzgerald and son Dean, and Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lyon, Grant, Nebr.; Mr. and Mrs. John La Bree, Ismay, Mont.; Mr. and Mrs. Reg Christman, Casper, Wyo.; Mr. and Mrs. Claude Meeks, Gillette, Wyo.; Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Hartman, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Chard, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Jordan, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Jordan, Harrison, Nebr.; and Mrs. Durl Holtz, Lusk, Wyo.

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