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Allen "Splinter" Marvin Allbright

(05/17/1954 - 04/26/1972)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 05/11/1972

Allen Allbright Dies in Calif. of Leukemia

Funeral service for Allen Marvin (Splinter) Allbright, 17, was held from Lima Solomn Erickson Chapel in San Jose, Calif., May 1.

Father Murry conducted the service. Casket bearers were Harold Allbright and Orville Allbright, Lusk; Don Aquitar, San Jose; Calvin Lindberg, Rio Linda, Calif.; Dale Meyers and Leroy Sokol, Springfield, Ore. Burial was at Santa Clara Mission Cemetery, Santa Clara, Calif.

Allen died April 26 at San Jose of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He was born May 17th, 1954 in Lusk, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Allbright formerly of Lusk now living in San Jose. Splinter took some of his grade schooling in Lusk.

He is survived by his parents; three brothers Orville and Harold Allbright and Dale Meyers; six sisters Mrs. Leroy (Jackie) Sokol, Springfield, Ore., Mrs. Dom (Carolyn) Aquitar, San Jose, Calif., Mrs. Calvin (Kay) Lindberg, Mrs. George (Helen) Butcher, Mrs. Steve (Pat) Wagonal all of Rio Linda, Calif., and Mrs. Glenn (Sharon) Kempton of Garden City, Calif.; many aunts and uncles, including Mr. And Mrs. Marvin Jensen of Hat Creek.

Mr. And Mrs. Orville Allbright and family and Harold Allbright drove to California for the service.

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Allen "Splinter" Allbright
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