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Nellie Bell Jordan

(11/26/1886 - 01/09/1969)
Courtesy of The Harrison Sun, 01/23/1969

Last Rites Held For Nellie Jordan

Last rites for Nellie Jordan, who died January 9, were held from the Church of the Nativity at Harrison at 10 a.m. on January 13 with the Rev. Father John Dennett officiating. Interment was in the Montrose Cemetery in the family plot. Pallbearers, all nephews, were Connie, Allen, Dan, John, Bob and Dale Jordan.

Nellie Bell Scott was born to Minnie Finley and Frank Sylvester Scott in Germantown, Seward County, Nebr. on November 26, 1886; she was the oldest of 10 children.

In May of 1899 she moved with her family to Sioux County by covered wagon. They settled on Spring Creek north of Harrison where she grew to womanhood.

On June 20, 1906, she was married to Richard D. Jordan by Father Burger in her family's log house. They lived on Dick's homestead on Monroe Creek 14 miles north of Harrison. Ten children were born; Verona, Helen, Irene, Gwendolyn, Harriet, Sadie, Cecelia, Richard D., Dennis and Iola.

They lived on the ranch until moving into Harrison in 1939. She established a nursing home and dedicated the remainder of her active years to the care of elderly people. She was a member of the Altar Society, charter member of V.F.W. Auxiliary, Friendship and Warbonnet Clubs.

She loved children and flowers and derived a great deal pleasure from her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

June 20, 1956 Nellie and Dick celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Two years ago when Nellie's health began to fail, her daughter Helen came from Denver to care for her. The latter part of November she was admitted to the Chadron hospital.

She was preceded in death by her husband March 18, 1958, daughter Gwendolyn at age 22 and son Dennis at age 7 months, one sister Mary Fry, and five brothers, Edward, Bennie, John, Frank and Robert.

Survivors include a son, Richard D. Jordan, Whitney, Nebr., and seven daughters, Mrs. Verona Bristol of Hot Springs, S. Dak. Helen Jordan of Harrison, Irene Donolson of Middletown, Calif., Mrs. Harriet Iverson of Security, Colo., Mrs. Sadie Lohr of Riverton, Wyo., Cecilia Jordan of Omaha, Nebr., Mrs. Iola Heckert of Pavillion, Wyo.; 18 grandchildren; 18 great-grandchildren; three sisters, Margaret Singer of Powell, Wyo.; Minnie F. Brown of Sanfield, Ore., and Grayce Glass of Rapid City, S. Dak.

All of her eight children were present for the funeral. Other out- of-town relatives and friends attending were; Forest D. Hall, USN, Honolulu, Hawaii, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wasserburger, Edgemont, S. Dak., Leslie and Jackie Jordan, Whitney, Nebr., Randy, Rex, Robbie, Rebecca and Roxanne Heckert, Pavillion, Wyo., Mrs. Rita Wilbur, Riverton, Wyo., Mr. and Mrs. Bud Bourret and Mrs. Rita DeHaven, Chadron, Nebr.; Tom Hunter, Douglas, Mrs. Ann Brooks, Mrs. Dorothy Meier and Mrs. Earl Heckert, Lusk, Wyo., and Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Reed, Crawford, Nebr., Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rhoads, Chadron, Nebr., Mr. and Mrs. Dale Brown, Whitney, Nebr., Mrs. Carol Holtz, Lusk, Wyo.; Mr. and Mrs. Clair Lee McIntosh, Gillette, Wyo.

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Mrs. Nellie Jordan and Mrs. Elizabeth Jordan
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