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Frank Otto Knittle

(11/09/1877 - 03/18/1959)
Courtesy of Library Archives, 03/18/1959

Frank Knittle Funeral Services Held Here Fri.

Funeral services for Frank O. Knittle, 81, of Lusk, were held Friday at 2:00 p.m. from Peet Chapel with Rev. Donald E. Offe of the Lusk Church of God officiating. Burial was in the Lusk Cemetery. Mr. Knittle died March 18 at the Spencer Hospital following a stroke.

Mrs. Emerson Bonner and Mrs. A. F. DeCastro. Sang "Sunrise", "Will There Be Any Stars?", and "Beautiful Isle." Mrs. J. P. Watson was organist.

Pallbearers were Paul Heany, Don Paisley, Don Taylor, D. F. Wilson, Ernie Hansen and Eddie Mark.

Frank Otto Knittle, son of Robert and Karoline Knittle, was born Nov. 9, 1877, in Hohenwalda, Germany.

The Knittle family came to America in 1884 and made their home in Madison, Neb. until 1887. That year the family moved to a homestead located three and one-half miles south of Lusk. Approximately three years later the family moved to a home in Lusk.

March 29, 1909 he married Nettie May Swanson. Had he lived 11 more days they would have celebrated their Golden wedding anniversary. They were the parents of six children, two of which died soon after birth.

He was admitted to the I.O.O.F. Custer Lodge No. 21 of Lusk, Nov. 9, 1907. He received the first degree Nov. 30, 1907; second degree Feb. 1, 1908; and the third degree Feb. 15, 1908. He was noble grand in 1912 and became a life member in 1957.

Survivors include his wife, Nettie; two sons: Otto of Lusk and Albert of Cheyenne; two daughters: Mable Milburn of Aurora, Ore.; and Caroline Shroyer of Greybull; one sister, Emma Gaines of San Diego; eleven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

When Frank Knittle died last week Lusk lost one of the solid, yet quiet type citizens that we never have enough of. Many people probably never even noticed the man that for 16 years kept the streets of Lusk the cleanest in the region.

When most men reach 64 they are within one year of quitting work for good, yet Frank, a former carpenter, in 1942 at the age of 64, took on the job of keeping the streets of Lusk clean. From the time he started in 1942 until he was relieved of his duties in the spring of 1958, he worked hard and steadily at his post. It may be difficult, especially to those of the younger generation, to see how anyone could be proud of being a street cleaner. Yet he never did bemoan his station in life and had to have pride to do such a thorough job. We think he knew he was probably the best darn street cleaner in the whole U.S.A. He didn't mind stooping so that the citizens of Lusk could hold their heads high and be proud of their clean town. - JBG Jr.

The Thon Files
March 19, 1959

Frank Knittle Dies Wednesday

Frank Knittle, 81 of Lusk, died Wednesday morning in the Spencer Hospital following a stroke. Funeral services are tentatively set for Friday at 2:00 p.m. from the Peet chapel.

Survivors include his wife, two sons, Otto of Lusk, Albert of Cheyenne; two daughters, Mrs. Caroline Schroyer of Greybull and Mrs. Mable Millburn of Oregon.

Frank Knittle, 81, who died Wed., the 18th, deserves an Epitaph. No man, whether he drew a salary or not for his work could have been more untiring or zealous in doing his job than he was during the many years he served this town.

Early and late he worked cleaning up Main Street. No matter how early you came downtown, there he was, picking up a paper here, a sack or bottle there, and depositing them in the trash can. When a car pulled out from the curb, there he was to pick up any debris that might have been left. Our streets were very clean and people were proud of the way they looked. Such devotion to duty should be recognized and we desire to express our selves.

One Senior Citizen of Lusk

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