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Emma "Edna" Jane Keithley

(01/04/1861 - 04/27/1933)
Courtesy of Lusk Free Lance, 04/27/1933

Pioneer Here 50 Years, Dies Late This Afternoon

Death came at 5:00 o'clock this (Thursday) afternoon to relieve the suffering of Mrs. Emma Jane Hitshew Keithley, pioneer resident of the county who succumbed to a gangrenous of one leg, brought on by an impediment of circulation due to a blood clot. Mrs. Keithley was 72 years, 3 months and 22 days of age at the time of her passing. Death occurred in the home of her daughter , Mrs. Jake (Edna) Stallman of this city.

Mrs.Keithley had been an invalid for the past five years, the past three of which she had made her home with her daughter. She was an uncomplaining patient always ready to see the brighter side of life and paying little attention to her sufferings. The remains were placed in charge of the Midwest Mortuary, and Funeral services will be held April 29, at 2:30 o'clock, from the First Baptist Church, Rev. B.F. Farrar, pastor, officiating. Interment will be in the Lusk Cemetery.

Mrs. Keithley was born in (Adams County,) Iowa (on January 4, 1861) and in early childhood moved with her family to Tennessee, where she grew to womanhood. She then moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1881 and on February 12, 1882 was married to George C. Keithley. He passed away on May 5, 1929. For a number of years the family lived on the 77 ranch, it is understood.

Deceased is survived by two sons, Oscar of Montana and Ernest K. of Cheyenne; and four daughters, Mrs. (Edna) Stallman (of Lusk,) Myrtle Zimmerman of Lander, Wyo..; Mrs. (Gus) Ivy Mashek of Lusk. Wyo.; and Mrs. Mary Hussion of Denver, Colo. She is a sister of Sherdian Hitshew, also of this city. Three sons, Walter, Robert, and Edward and two daughters, Florence and Ethel preceded her in death.

Complete obituary will be given in next week's issue of this paper.

The Lusk Herald
May 4, 1933
Mrs. Emma Keithley, Pioneer Resident of Lusk, Laid to Rest

Mrs. Emma Jane Hitshew Keithley, 72, pioneer resident of this community, who died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jake Stallman of Lusk, last Thursday evening of gangrenous infection of the right leg, was buried in the Lusk Cemetery last Saturday afternoon.

Funeral services were held from the First Baptist Church of Lusk Saturday afternoon at 3:00, with Rev. E. F. Farrar officiating, arrangements being in charge of the Midwest Mortuary.

Mrs. Keithley has been an invalid for the past five years, and her death was not unexpected.

OBITUARY (by Rev. Farrar)

Emma Jane Hitshew was born in Cedar County, Iowa, January 4, 1861, and departed this life at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jake Stallman, in Lusk, on Thursday evening, April 27, 1933, having thus sojourned in life 72 years, 3 months and 22 days.

When the deceased was but 7 years of age, she with her parents moved to Tennessee, where the family lived for thirteen years and the subject of this sketch grew to womanhood's estate. The family moved to Cheyenne, Wyo., in the spring of 1881.

In 1882 Emma J. Hitshew was married to George Keithley, a rancher of that vicinity. To the union eleven children were born, five of whom preceded their mother in death. Her husband also preceded her to the great beyond, having passed away about three years ago.

There remain to mourn her departure, four daughters - Mrs. Mary Hussion of Denver, Colo.; Mrs. Gus Mashek and Mrs. Jake Stallman, Lusk; Mrs. Myrtle Zimmerman of Lander, Wyo.; two sons, Ernest Keithley of Cheyenne, Wyo., and Oscar Keithley, Glasgow, Montana. One brother, Sheridan Hitshew of Lusk. Four brothers and four sisters have likewise preceded the deceased, in the experiences that lie beyond this vale of tears.

For the past five years, Mrs. Keithley has been practically an invalid. About two years of that time she spent with her daughter, Mrs. Mary Hussion, of Denver, and the remaining three years she has made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Jake Stallman of Lusk.

Although a great sufferer, she was always an uncomplaining patient, preferring always to look on the bright side of life. She was always appreciative and numbered many friends along her long and varied lifeway.

"Now, her pain-racked body is at rest,
Its thinking and aching are o'er;
Her quiet, immovable breast
Is heaved by affliction no more."

Funeral services were held from the First Baptist Church Saturday afternoon at 3:00 o'clock, the pastor, Rev. B. F. Farrar, using for a text the appropriate first verse of the 19th Psalm. The choir, consisting of Mrs. Farrar, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. DeCastro and Mrs. Marvin, sang "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere," "Will the Circle Be Unbroken," and "God Be With You 'Till We Meet Again," all by request of the family.

Mr. Herman Huston, mortician, of the Midwest Hardware Co., was in charge of the arrangements. Interment was made in the Lusk Cemetery, the pallbearers being Russell Bradley, L. R. Van Tassell, Dick Pfister, Arthur Grimes, George Saffell and Ed Schroefel.

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