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Mary Rider Bare

(10/20/1858 - 12/10/1930)
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Mary Rider-Bare Dies As Result of Injuries Sustained in Fall Last Saturday

Funeral to be held in Lusk from the Baptist Church at 2:00 o'clock Saturday Afternoon

Mrs. Mary Rider-Bare, an old-time resident of Niobrara County, died at the Lusk Hospital at about 5 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, December 10, as a result of a fall sustained the previous Saturday evening, while near the Texaco Super-Service Station in Lusk.

Mrs. Bare was leaving the restroom of the station in company with her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Rider, and she stepped off a step, not knowing exactly what caused her to fall. She was rushed to the hospital on a stretcher, where an X-ray picture revealed that she had fractured the neck of the femur bone, or hip. She was treated by Dr.Watson, who called Dr. Hlyton of Douglas into consultation, who gave little hope of her recovery. On account of her physical condition, pneumonia soon developed, and this, together with the shock of the fall, caused her death.

Mrs. Bare was one of the best known women in the county, where she had been a resident for many years, raising a large family, all now grown to fine men and women, who has been a familiar figure in this section of Wyoming for many years. All the children will be here for the funeral except one daughter from California.

Funeral services will be held from the First Baptist Church in Lusk on Saturday afternoon, December 13, with Rev. B.F. Farrar officiating, the arrangements being in charge of Peet Mortuary.

The following have been selected as the pallbearers: George Saffell, J.D. Lozenzen, Lee Miller, A.E. Johnson, R.I. Olinger, Dick Pfister and Dan Chalfant.

In "Women of Wyoming", Mrs. Alfred H. Beach's book, the following obituary of Mrs. Bare appears:

Mrs. Mary Rider-Bare

Mary Howie was born in Monticello, Jones County, Iowa, October 20, 1858, the daughter of Robert and Mary (Springer) Howie, both of whom are natives of Scotland. She resided in the town of her birth until her marriage to Marselles Rider on April 2, 1878. He was born in Malone, New York, June 10, 1838, the son of Charles and Della Rider. Two years after their marriage they moved to Genoa, Nebraska, and after living briefly in other Nebraska Cities, settled in Loveland, Colorado, in 1881. Here they engaged in the cattle business. Mr. Rider died July 6, 1884, and Mrs. Rider married her second husband on March 31, 1886, who was Abraham Bare, born in Iowa in 1844. He was the son of John and Mary (Bergren) Bare. In the year 1893 they emigrated in covered wagons to a homestead ten miles south of Lusk, where their children grew up, and the family still resides.

Mr. Bare died July 28, 1895, and Mrs. Bare was left with eight children the youngest a babe of three months. She knows from experience the lot of Wyoming women who have to wring from their homesteads a livelihood for themselves and their children. She deserves much credit for the perseverance and industry with which she "carried on" and for considerable success in the stock business the family has achieved.

By the first marriage there were five children, one of whom, Minnie, died in childhood. Grace was born in Central City, Neb., June 25, 1880, and married Alex Mashek. Charles Alfred was born in Fort Collins, Colo., and married Barbara Mashek. James Franklin, born at Longmont, Colo., February 26, 1883, and married Nora Hayes, and resides on a ranch near Lusk. Mamie was born at Loveland, Colo., February 2, 1885, and married Arthur Root.

By the second marriage there were four children: Polly, who died while a high school student at the age of 16. John Robert, born at Pinewood, Colo., December 27, 1886, married Gertrude Schaefer. Lugena, born at the Ranch south of Lusk on April 13, 1893 married Ray Baughn of the County. Flora was born at Pinewood, Colo., in 1888.

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Mrs. Mary Rider-Bare

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