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James "Jimmy" Paul Rogina

(01/01/1915 - 05/06/1937)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 04/08/1937


Funeral Services Set For Saturday Morning, at 10 o'clock

James Rogina, 21 years old, died at the Lusk Hospital at 3:00 o'clock Thursday morning, as the result of burns received at his home in Jireh, about 11:00 o'clock Monday night, when he was attempting to rebuild a fire in a stove by pouring kerosene from a can on the ashes.

The can exploded, tearing it to pieces, and the boy was enveloped in flames, which also set the house on fire, and burning his mother, Mrs. Crowley, who attempted to smother out the flames.

County Commissioner George H. Grant, who lives about a block away, and other neighbors, rushed to the home when notified, and put out the fire in the house and extinguished the flames on Jimmy by rolling him on the ground and covering him with blankets.

Mr. Grant brought the stricken young man to Lusk for attention, arriving here about midnight Monday night, and he was immediately taken to the Lusk Hospital, where Dr. W. A. Bryant and hospital attendants did everything possible to save him.

It was thought at first that he had a chance to recover, but the burns were more severe than at first indicated.

His mother received severe burns on her hands trying to put out the flames on her son's clothing.

The young man had spent the evening at the George Grant home, and left for his home about 10:30. He said the house was a little cold and he decided to build a fire for the night, and his attempt to hurry up the fire with kerosene resulted in the fatal burns.

Young Rogina had been employed on WPA work and during odd times had been working for Mr. Grant.

Funeral services for the young man will be held at 10 o'clock Saturday morning from St. Leo's Catholic Church in Lusk, with arrangements in charge of the Peet Mortuary.

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