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Henry George Ruffing

(06/15/1905 - 05/25/1964)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 06/04/1964

Henry Ruffing Last Rites Held

Funeral services for Henry G. Ruffing were held from the Peet Chapel in Lusk last Thursday with the Rev. Donald Moore of the Church of God of Prophecy officiating.

Mr. Ruffing, 59, died of a stroke in the Lusk Coast to Coast store May 25. For many years Mr. Ruffing has had a heart condition and for the past three years his heart has continued to function only because of an electrical device called a Pacemaker.

Mrs. A. F. DeCastro was organist. Mrs. Hobart Cockerham sang, "Beyond the Sunset" and "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere."

Pallbearers were Henry Wasserburger, Jr. Richard David, R. G. Montgomery, James Meng, Horace Graham and James Wasserburger.

Henry George Ruffing was born June 15, 1905 the son of Christ and Gertrude Ruffing in Niobrara County. He attended grade school at a rural school in the county and in Edgemont. He also attended Lusk High School.

He and Sophia Grout were married May 22, 1933 at Harrison. All of his life was spent in Niobrara County. In 1959 poor health forced him to retire from the ranching business. Since that time he has managed restaurants in Lusk.

He is survived by his wife, Sophia; one son Kenneth of Lusk; one daughter, Mrs. Jean Thomas of Padroni, Colo.; three sisters, Mrs. Carl Erny of Alliance, Nebr., Mrs. Harry Avenell of Story, Wyo., and Mrs. Thelma Nuxall of Yankton, S. Dak.; four brothers, Edward of Hyattville, Wyo., Robert of Forest Grove, Ore., and Jennings and Albert of Lusk; and four grandchildren.

The Lusk Herald
May 28, 1964
Henry Ruffing Dies of Stroke in Lusk Store

Henry Ruffing, 59, died of a stroke about 12:30 p.m. in the Lusk Coast-to-Coast store Monday.

For many years Mr. Ruffing has had a heart condition and for the past three years his heart has continued to function only because of an electrical device, called a Pacemaker. He was getting the batteries tested at the time of his death, but evidently the Pacemaker did not stop for his heart was still pulsating and the Pacemaker still operating after he stopped breathing. Death was evidently caused by a blood clot sent from the heart to the brain. Dr. D. W. Rust thought it likely that a malfunction of the Pacemaker cause the clot to break loose.

Despite his severe heart condition Mr. Ruffing led an active life managing restaurants.

Funeral service will be held from the Peet Chapel this Thursday at 2:00 p.m. with burial in the Lusk Cemetery.

Survivors include his wife, Sophia; one son, Kenneth of Douglas; one daughter, Mrs. Jean Thoomas of Padroni, Colo.; three sisters, Mrs. Carl Erny, Alliance, Nebr., Mrs. Harry Avenell, Story, Wyo.; Mrs. Thelma Nuxall, Yankton, S. Dak.; four brothers, Edward of Hyattville, Wyo., Robert, Forest Grove, Ore., Jennings and Albert, Lusk.

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