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Mary Ella Spaugh

(03/31/1869 - 07/11/1928)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 07/12/1928

Mrs. A. A. Spaugh Passes Away at Manville Home

Mrs. Mary Ella Spaugh, wife of A. A. Spaugh, passed away Wednesday, July 11, at her home in Manville, after an illness of several months. She suffered a paralytic stroke on the 27th of last December and has been unable to leave her bed since that time.

As we go to press, it has not been definitely determined as to when or where the funeral services will be held, but the Order of Eastern Star will be in charge. Funeral arrangements will be made by the Midwest Funeral Parlors.

Mary Ella Kern, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Josiah Kern, was born at Wilmington, Wills County, Ill., on March 31, 1869. When a young woman, she specialized in stenographic work, and was for some time with a southern immigration company in Austin, Texas.

In 1898 she came to Wyoming to visit her sister, Mrs. J. A. Manorgan. She stayed in Wyoming and taught school for several years, after which she was assistant postmaster at Manville and clerked in the store of the Manville Mercantile Co.

On February 10, 1909, she was united in marriage with A. A. Spaugh, and they have made their home in Manville since that time.

She was a charter member and a Past Matron of the Mariposa Chapter of the Eastern Star lodge at Manville, and was affiliated with the Methodist Episcopal church.

Mrs. Spaugh is survived by her husband and her sister, Mrs. J. A. Manorgan.

The Lusk Herald
July 11, 1968
Forty Years Ago - July 12, 1928

Mrs. Mary Ella Spaugh, wife of A. A. Spaugh, passed away July 11 at her home in Manville after an illness of several months.

Mary Ella Kern was born at Wilmington, Illinois on March 31, 1869, to Josiah and Martha Jane Kern.

Josiah Kern made sure his kids had a good education. Mary attended the Baker University in Kansas specializing in stenography and typewriting.

Mary's education helped her get a job with the Southern Immigration Bureau in Austin, Texas. She expanded her employment to the Legislature in Texas for two consecutive sessions.

Mary went to Manville, Wyoming in 1898 to visit a sister where she decided to remain. Mary worked as a teacher for several school terms. She later was the Assistant Postmaster in Manville and a clerk in the Manville Mercantile Company.

Mary married Addison A Spaugh in 1909 in Wyoming. Addison A Spaugh was a stockman and banker.

With her business experience, Mary helped Addison expand his banking business to five banks in Wyoming. After the banks were fully organized, Mary recommended to Addison that he sell the banks as she felt the financial market was heading to danger. All the banks sold at a high price within a year. Not one of the five banks survived the market.

Mary then invested her own money in some land and cattle. She became the owner of over 4,000 acres of land and a large herd of cattle.

Mary saw a few catastrophes through her years of living in Wyoming. She was a strong woman who knew that you can't let defeat or disaster win you over. Mary was able to put on a strong face and continue on with life. Mary saw a blizzard wipe out $50,000 worth of livestock one winter, and then a few years later she watched as a fire wiped out her home and all the buildings on her ranch.

Mary was very active with social life in and around Manville, Wyoming. She belonged to several organizations and was a charter member of the Eastern Star at Manville.

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