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Adeline "Susan" Thomas

(09/06/1856 - 08/30/1944)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 09/14/1944

Funeral Services For Mrs. Sam Thomas Held in Harrison

Last rites for Mrs. Sam Thomas, pioneer resident of Eastern Wyoming, were held in Harrison, Nebraska, on Saturday, September 2.   A large crowd of friends attended the services.


Adeline Burroughs Thomas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Burroughs, was born September 6, 1856, at Peoria, Illinois, and passed away at the Spencer Hospital, in Lusk, Wyo., August 30, 1944.

She grew to young womanhood in the vicinity where she was born. On Christmas day, at the age of 17, she was united in marriage to Samuel M. Thomas. To this union five children were born. For several years Mr. and Mrs. Thomas continued to live in the East, coming west in a covered wagon in 1888. They arrived in the vicinity northwest of Harrison on November 9th.

There they filed on land and built a home, which they continued to improve and add to throughout their entire life. At the time of Mrs. Thomas' death she still resided at the same home where they began life together in the West. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas were among Sioux County's early pioneers, who went through the hardships of the early settler to build their ranch and home, which ranks among Sioux County's most prosperous.

Mother Thomas' sole pleasure was to work around her home, her greatest delights were her flower and vegetable gardens and caring for the poultry. She had enjoyed good health all her life, and until a few months before her death had taken care of all her home work. She was a loving wife and mother, and a friend of all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance. At an early age she joined the Methodist church.

Four of her grandsons, Lt. Samuel Thomas, Lt. Milton Thomas, Sidney Thomas and Ralph Thomas and one great grandson Henry Lewis, are in the Armed Services. Her father was a casualty in the Civil War. Just a few days before her going on, she was able to enjoy to the fullest the pleasures of a week's visit with her grandson, Lt. Milton Thomas, here on a furlough.

She leaves to mourn her death four children, Mrs. P. K. Franzman of Glendora, California; Ira Thomas of Hat Creek, Wyo.; Henry Thomas of Miles City, Mont.; Sam Thomas of Harrison, Neb.; fourteen grandchildren, several great grandchildren and four great-great grandchildren; three sisters, one 90 years of age; twins, 86 years of age, and a brother, 84 years of age. Her husband preceded her in death February 2, 1938, and a son, Charles, and four grandchildren also preceded her.

The Lusk Herald
September 7, 1944
Mrs. Susan Thomas Dies August 30

Mrs. Sam Thomas, Grandma Thomas, as she was known to many, passed away at the Spencer Hospital on Wednesday, August 30, just six days before she would have reached her 88th birthday.

She had been suffering from a heart affliction and had been in a serious condition for some time.

Her husband had preceded her in death by several years. They were pioneer residents of the Whitman community, where they ware widely known and were among the prominent ranchers of eastern Wyoming.

Funeral services were held in Harrison on Saturday, September 2, and interment was made in the cemetery at that place.

A more complete obituary will be published next week.

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