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Roy Turnbull

(09/01/1898 - 06/24/1984)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 07/05/1984

Roy Turnbull

Roy Turnbull left his earthly existence Sunday, June 24. The aging processes had slowed his abilities and he had spent the last year of his life in the Niobrara County Nursing Home.

He was born Sept. 1, 1898 in Garvin County in the Oklahoma Territory. His first stop in Wyoming was at Douglas, where he joined his father George, who was drilling water wells.

Roy was a teen-ager at the time and he immediately showed more interest in the livestock activities of the day than in his father's chosen profession of water well drilling. In later years, Roy drilled wells for himself and neighbors, but never did he do it commercially.

With an eye upon owning land, Roy homesteaded as soon as he was legally old enough to do so. He also encouraged his sister Maggie and father to file.

He married Anna M. Lind in 1925. They were parents of one child, Perry Lind. Anna died in 1953 and on July 27, 1957, Roy and Ione Hoy were married.

He served on countless public boards from the early 1940's until after he retired. He was on the old Node School Board and the county school board after consolidation. He served many years on the various agriculture boards associated with the Soil Conservation Service. He was a member of the local draft board and served many terms as a county commissioner.

His main interests were ranching, livestock, sports (especially boxing), betting with and beating Wyome Bourret in Oklahoma football, hunting and his family. He is a member of Harmony Lodge No. 23.

He is survived by his wife, Ione of Lusk; one son, Perry of Dardanelle, Ark.; and five grandchildren, Rickie Blackwell of Orem, Utah; Perry Roy Turnbull of Fayetteville, Ark.; Sherrie Torgerson of Orem, Utah; and Curtis and Jennifer Turnbull of Dardanelle, Ark. Roy also had seven great-grandchildren.

His memory lived strong in the minds and hearts of those who knew him and loved him.

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