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Anna Martha Turnbull

(11/30/1887 - 04/02/1953)
Courtesy of Johnny & Margaret Thon Files, 03/31/1953

Many Pay Last Tribute to Mrs. Anna Turnbull Sat.

Thon Book No. 3

Great tribute was paid to the Roy Turnbull family Saturday morning at final rites for Mrs. Turnbull held from the Peet Mortuary. The chapel was filled to capacity as neighbors and friends came to pay their final respects to a woman who had lived much of her life here.

A long period of illness and mental suffering was brought to a close Thursday morning when she took her own life at the ranch home northeast of Lusk. Mr. Turnbull, who had brought his sister, Mrs. Maggie Potts, into Lusk about 8:30 in the morning, called the home about noon. Martin Mudra, employed there, answered the phone explaining he thought Mrs. Turnbull had also come into town.

Mr. Turnbull asked Mudra and Warren Walters, also employed there, to make an immediate search, and Mr. Turnbull started immediately for the ranch. Meanwhile the men found Mrs. Turnbull's body in the home basement where she had used a piece of sash cord for her purpose. A doctor and Coroner George Earl Peet were called immediately. Mr. Peet said that no inquest would be held.

Rev. Jacob Nein, pastor of the Congregational Church, in the funeral service, used as one text from the 46th Psalm, the words, "Be Still and know that I Am God" reminding that only god known the problems of the mind.

Music was provided by a quartet composed of Mrs. H. J. Templeton, Mrs. Samuel M. Thomas, Donald Lee Taylor and Gerald Bardo, with Mrs. Bardo as organist. Bearing the remains to the final resting place beside her brother, Albion Lind, at the Lusk Cemetery were Carl Bruch, Earl Murphy, Charles Lund, Sr., Joe Pfister, Chris Jassman and Warren Walter.

Anna Martha Lind was born in Altona, Ill., the daughter of Lewis and Helen Lind. When she was yet a small child her parents brought her to Wyoming where they homesteaded 8 ½ miles northeast of Lusk where she has since resided.

On Sept. 20, 1926 at Douglas she married Roy Turnbull of Lusk and they have since made their home on the ranch. On son, Perry Lind, was born to them. He is a student at the University of Wyoming. Besides the father and son, a sister, Mrs. Esther Schroefel, also survives.

Anna, as Mrs. Turnbull was generally known, was active in many clubs and community affairs, including the Congregational Church Circle where her sweet disposition and generous spirit endeared her to all. Her home was a place of great kindness and devotion.

Among fraternity brothers and friends of Perry who came here from Laramie for the services were Gale and Dwight Knott of Lingle, Donnie McIntyre of Casper, Bob Phillips of Evanston, Charles Jones of Huntley, and Dick Oates, Ed Strube, Dick Cook and John DeGering of this county.

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