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Louie May VanBlarcum

(01/16/1883 - 08/04/1971)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 08/12/1971

Mrs. Louise VanBlarcum, Resident of Whitman Community Since 1911, Dies

Mrs. Louise VanBlarcum, 88, died August 4 at Niobrara County Memorial Hospital. Funeral service was held at the Peet Mortuary August 7 at 2:00 p.m. the Rev. Allen Page of the Open Bible Church of Lusk officiated. Burial was in the Harrison, Neb. Cemetery.

Mrs. J. P. Watson, organist, accompanied Mark Lohr, soloist, as he sang "I Saw A Man" and "My Savior First of All."

Casket bearers were Ted Lohr, Mike Chard, Bunny Chard, Glen Parmely, Howard Haworth and Dan Jordan.

Honorary bearers were Earl Hales, Walter Swope, Sam Thomas, Sr., Ray Christian, Andrew Christian, J.P. Watson, Art Thompson, Elmer Fleming and Rex Tollman.

Louise May Sprague was born January 16, 1883 to Milton J. Sprague and Mary Frances Lomac of Knobnoster, Mo. On February 19, 1903, she married Claude Alvin VanBlarcum. They were the parents of four children, two sons, John William and Claude Olen; two daughters, Mrs. Fay "Genevieve" Swope and Mrs. Ralph "Frances" Berg.

They moved to a farm in 1904 near Crawford, Neb. Mr. VanBlarcum's health was the primary reason for the move. In 1911 they homesteaded at Whitman, Wyo. "There were several years of hard work and sorrow, but also many wonderful friends were made. She was always ready to lend a helping hand to neighbors when she was needed," said the family.

Two sons, three brothers, two sisters, her parents, husband and a grandson died previously.

Survivors include her two daughters, both of Lusk; nine grandchildren; 34 great-grandchildren; 12 great-great-grandchildren.

Note: This obituary is entered as published. In the obituary of Clauda VanBlarcum, his wife's name is Louise Mae Sprague VanBlarcum. Family sources have disclosed that her real name is Louie May Sprague VanBlarcum.

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