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Margery Jean Hahn

(06/17/1922 - 10/22/1941)
Courtesy of Johnny & Margaret Thon Files, 10/23/1941

Margery Hahn Instantly Killed When Grandfather loses Control of Auto: Other Occupants Suffer Minor Hurts

Thon Book 9

Margery Hahn, 18 year old daughter of Mrs. J. B. Viers of this city met instant death in an automobile accident shortly before noon Wednesday about 2 miles southwest of Torrington on Highway No. 85 when control of the car in which she was riding with her grandfather, A. F. Uebelhoer, driver, of Denver, was lost just after it had rounded a curve. Miss Hahn's death was due to multiple skull fractures and internal injuries. Mr. Uebelhoer and Miss Johnson, companion of the dead girl, escaped with numerous bruises, cuts and scratches in the accident which sent the car into the barrow pit where it turned over several times.

Although the accounts of investigators of the accident are conflicting, it is believed Miss Hahn was thrown from the car as it turned over the first time, her body being caught underneath as it continued to roll. Neither of the other occupants left the car until it stopped rolling and could be extricated only after the windows had been knocked out. The car, a Ford sedan was said to be demolished.

The party was on its way to this city, where the girls were planning a visit with their families, and were being brought here by Mr. Uebelhoer, with whom Miss Hahn had been making her home while attending school in Denver.

News of the accident reached here shortly after noon and relatives of the two girls, along with Dr. W.E. Reckling and George Earl Peet, mortician, hastened to the scene soon afterwards. The remains of Miss Hahn had been removed to Torrington, while the injured were taken to the hospital at that place, later being brought here for detailed examination and treatment. Reports from the local institution this (Thursday) afternoon show them to be recuperating from their experience and it is believed both will be dismissed some time this evening. The body of the dead girl was brought to this city by the Peet ambulance.

Miss Hahn is survived by her mother and step-father, Dr. and Mrs. J.B. Veirs, an older sister, Betty, and a younger brother, Dick, all of this city, besides a number of more distant relatives.

Funeral services will be conducted from the chapel of the Peet mortuary in this city at 1:00 o'clock Saturday afternoon. Immediately following these services, the remains will be taken overland to Wheatland, where burial services will be conducted. Interment will be made in the Wheatland cemetery. Arrangements will be under the direction of George Earl Peet.

Miss Hahn was one of the most popular and talented of Lusk's younger group, and attended two years in the Lusk high school, graduating with the class of '40. She then entered the state university at Laramie, and attended part of the term, returning home in the late fall. She then joined the reportorial staff of the Lusk Herald and remained with that newspaper until this summer. At the opening of the fall term, Miss Hahn enrolled in La Monte School of Music and was a student of that institution at the time she was killed. Prior to coming to this city about four years ago Miss Hahn's family resided in Wheatland.

From Wheatland Cemetery online
Marjorie Jean Hahn, former Wheatland (resident) was fatally injured Wednesday afternoon of this week, when the car in which she was riding with her grandfather, A. F. Uebelhoer of Denver, overturned south of Torrington. Miss Ruth Johnson of Lusk was also an occupant of the car, but she and Mr. Uebelhoer escaped with only slight injuries.

The party was enroute to Lusk from Denver when the accident occurred. Marjorie had been attending the Lamont School of Music and her grandfather was taking her home to spend several days vacation with her mother, Mrs. J.B. Viers, and family.

The Hahn family were long time residents of Wheatland and Marjorie's father, the late Chas. W. Hahn, was former publisher of the Wheatland Times. Marjorie had spent all of her school days in Wheatland until the family moved to Lusk in 1938 where she finished her last two years of high school and was graduated with the Class of 1940.

She was in the midst of every activity during her school days, was talented musically and was extremely popular wherever she was known, not only among her school friends, but all who knew her, young and old.

Immediate survivors are her mother, Mrs. J.B. Viers, a sister, Betty, a brother, Dick, her grandfather, Mr. Uebelhoer, an aunt, Mrs. Harry Tharp of Denver, and other relatives living in the east.

All Wheatland and community join in deepest sympathy with Mrs. Viers and family.

Funeral services will be held Saturday at 1 p.m. at the Peet mortuary in Lusk, with burial in the Wheatland cemetery. The Wheatland Job's Daughters will have charge of the service at the cemetery.

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Photo, in Wheatland Cemetery, used with permission from photographer Donita Graves.

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