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Gary Bradford Solso Sr.

(07/28/1937 - 12/27/1960)
Courtesy of Johnny & Margaret Thon Files, 11/30/1960

Vickory's Grandson Takes Own Life

Thon Book No. 1

Gary Solso, 23, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Vickory of Lusk, took his own life at San Francisco the afternoon of December 27.

Mr. Solso was married and had a son and a daughter. He was engaged in the operation of a service station with his father. Funeral services were held in San Francisco Saturday.

The Times
San Bruno, CA
page 12
December 28, 1960
Mail Carrier Takes Own Life

Gary Bradford Solso, 23, of 150 Etawood Court, a mail carrier, was discovered by his wife, Leatha June, at 4:1O p.m. unconscious in the family car in the garage overcome by carbon monoxide gas from the motor, a suicide, apparently police reported. Bradford, the father of three children, reportedly depressed by marital difficulties, was dead on arrival at Peninsula hospital. Funeral services are pending at Nauman and Lincoln chapel.

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