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Constantine August Frederick Klemke

(02/17/1863 - 02/19/1943)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 01/31/1943

Death Claims Contantine Klemke Two Days After 80th Anniversary; Funeral Services Held Here Sunday Afternoon

Constantine August Frederick Klemke, resident of this city for the past thirteen years, and well-known to many local citizens, passed away at the Spencer hospital at 3:00 o'clock Friday morning, February 19th, his demise attributed to complications attendant with advanced age. Mr. Klemke had observed his 80th birthday just two days prior to his passing.

He had been in declining health for the past two years, and three weeks ago was admitted to the hospital after his condition seemed to become increasingly worse. Although he was given every possible medical care, he gradually lost ground and failed to respond to treatment.

Funeral services were conducted from the Peet funeral chapel at 3:00 o'clock Sunday afternoon, February 21st. Rev. A.I. Bernthal, pastor of the Lutheran church of this city, officiating. A host of friends of the deceased attended last rites to pay their respects.

Music during the services was offered by Mrs. Ralph Lingwood and Miss Eileen Bostrom, whose vocal contributions added much to the chapel services. Mrs. A.I. Bernthal accompanied on the organ.

Mr. Klemke's remains were conveyed from the chapel to the Lusk cemetery where, after a brief graveside service, they were interred. Casket bearers were his six sons, Otto H., Walter L., Helmuth P., Henry B., Joseph C., and Albert F.

Constantine August Frederick Klemke
Constantine August Ferederick Klemke was born in Zaelkerick, Germany, on February 17, 1863. When 16 years of age, together with his parents, he sailed for America, and landed at New York City. He immediately entrained for the middle west, stopping at Fremont, Nebraska. There he secured employment in a blacksmith shop and engaged in that work for several years. Possessing the ambition of rugged pioneering, he traveled overland to western Nebraska, where he homesteaded 35 miles south of Crawford, Nebraska, on May 2, 1885. On March 2, 1888, he married Martha Margaretha Dobkowitz. To this union ten children were born: Otto H., Walter L., Helmuth P., Henry B., Joseph C., all of Lusk, Wyoming; and Albert F., Mrs. Metha Lance, Mrs. Elsie Rogwski of Hemingford, Nebr.; Mrs. Martha Plymate of Oregon City, Ore.; and Ida Zimmerman of Mankato, Kansas; also thirty grand-children and five great-grand-children.

Mr. Klemke was a faithful member of the Lutheran church all his life. He had the respect and love of numerous friends and acquaintances. He leaves to mourn his loss his wife, all his children, and two brothers, Emil H. Klemke of Minatare, Nebr., and August Klemke of Snyder, Nebr. Mr. Klemke departed his life on February 19, 1943, at the age of 80 years and two days - having been a resident of Lusk, Wyoming since April, 1939.

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