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John Robert Eutsler

(03/01/1937 - 12/10/1950)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 12/14/1950

John Eutsler, 13, Killed in Hunting Accident

John Eutsler, 13, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Eutsler, ranchers southwest of Lance Creek, was killed Sunday afternoon when a .80-30 rifle being carried by a cousin while hunting accidentally discharged.

Jim Eutsler, 14, son or Mr. and Mrs. Joe Eutsler, was carrying the rifle as the boys were sneaking up a draw. Jim tripped and the charge struck John in the middle of the back shattering the spine.

John was carrying a .22 and it was reported to Coroner George Earl Peet that both boys had the guns cocked ready to shoot. John was walking about five feet ahead of the other boy.

The accident occurred about 3:30. The boys had left the John Eutsler ranch about 1:00 with John driving the pickup truck out several miles. From there the boys started hunting on foot. The accident occurred in high sage brush.

In a signed account of what occurred given to Coroner Peet, Jim said that John fell as the gun went off, turned and said "what happened" and then lay still.

Unable to drive the pickup, Jim ran two and a half miles to the Eutsler ranch to report what had happened.

Coroner Peet said no inquest would be held. He and Dr. Walter E. Reckling went to the scene after the accident was reported.

Funeral services are to be held from the Peet Mortuary at 2:00 Thursday afternoon though at the Herald press time complete arrangements had not been made.

Surviving are four sisters and one brother: Mrs. Louis J. LaBounta, Laramie; Mrs. Andrew Landen, Box Elder, S. Dak.; and Arthur, Ada May and Catherine at home.

A brother, Lt. Leo E. "Bud" Eutsler, was killed in Korea about August 22. The father has been in the Veterans Hospital at Ft. Logan, Colo. but was brought home Sunday night.

The Lusk Herald
Funeral Services Held for John Eutsler Thursday

Funeral services for John Robert Eutsler, 13, who was killed accidentally by a gun shot, Dec. 10, were held from the Peet Mortuary here Thursday afternoon. The Rev. Clyde Hampton officiated.

Burial was in the Lusk Cemetery. The casket bearers were Bud Reed, Jim Shane, Martin Strube, Grant Penfield, Rex Story and Alvin Kilmer.

Music for the services was provided by Mrs. A. F. DeCastro, Mrs. Floyd Alexander, Rex Yocum and Don Housh with Mrs. J. P. Watson accompanying. They sang "The Old Rugged Cross," "Shall We Gather at the River," and "Leaning on the Everlasting Arm."

John was born Mar. 1, 1937 at the old home ranch northwest of Manville. He was the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo R. Eutsler. When he was two the family moved to their present home a few miles south of his birthplace.

He attended grade school near his home and was in the eighth grade. His teachers found him to be a capable and willing student. He had participated in the county choir singing at the graduation exercises since he was in the second grade.

In 1949 the Lightning Rod 4-H Club was organized and John became an active member. He was vice-president of the club this year.

His cousin, Jim, who carried the fatal gun, had been a lifelong playmate of John.

Besides his parents, surviving are one brother, Arthur of Manville, and four sisters: Catherine and Ada May of Manville, Mrs. Louis LaBounta of Laramie, and Mrs. Andrew Landen of Box Elder, S. Dak. His oldest brother, Leo E. "Bud" Eutsler, died in Korea in August this year.

John was also the uncle of three nephews, Lou LaBounta, Leo David Eutsler, and Gary Landen, and three nieces, Moya and Hope Lee LaBounta and Elizabeth Susan Eutsler. Other relatives include three uncles, Earl, Charles H., and Joe Eutsler, two aunts, Mrs. Orval Dryer and Mrs. Earl Bowlds, and an aunt and uncle in Colorado.

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