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Glen Giinther

(11/30/1915 - 10/13/1949)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 10/20/1949

Glen Giinther, Former Resident of Lusk, Dies

Word of the death of Glen Giinther of Casper was received by relatives here on Thursday forenoon.

The young man is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Giinther of Casper and was employed by the Ohio Oil Company at Lovell. He had recently recovered from an attack of virus pneumonia and started back to work. When he failed to appear Thursday morning his landlady investigated and found he had died in bed. The cause of his death was given as a heart attack.

The Giinther family are former residents of Lusk and Glenn was born here 33 years ago. In 1928 they moved to Casper where they have since resided.

Glenn was a graduate of the Natrona County High School and of the University of Wyoming.

He is survived by his parents, two sisters, Mrs. Betty Blunk of Casper and Miss Margaret Giinther who is a student at Boulder, Colo. Mrs. Julia Roy of Lusk is his grandmother and Mrs. Olive Johnson an aunt.

Funeral services were conducted from the Hortsam Mortuary at 2:30 on Saturday with the Rev. Hitchcok, pastor of the Episcopal church officiating.

Interment was made in the Masonic division of the Casper cemetery.

Among the out-of-town relatives there for the services were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Giinther of Borger, Texas, who made the trip by plane, Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus C. Blair of Buffalo, Wyo., Roy Johnson, Grace Johnson, Mrs. Olive Johnson and Mrs. Julia Roy all of Lusk.

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