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Lonie Lorenzo Rodgers

(06/26/1898 - 04/17/1972)
Courtesy of The Harrison Sun, 04/27/1972

Lonie Rodgers Dies at Crawford

Lonie Lorenzo Rodgers who was born four miles west of Fort Robinson on June 26, 1898, died April 17 at the Crawford Hospital.

Mr. Rodgers grew to manhood in Sioux County and worked on the C.& N.W. railroad starting on the section between Glen and Andrews. He was later promoted to section foreman for the Douglas, Wyo., to Crawford area. He retired in November 1960 because of poor health.

He married Ethel Packard of Crawford, July 30, 1919, and three daughters and one son were born; Mrs. Alvin (Alice) Grimm of Portland, Ore., who with her husband had been with her parents at Crawford for some time; Mrs. Lyle (Evelyn) Bills, Portland, Ore.; Mrs. Clifford (Stella) Bills of Fairview, Ore.; Leo of Portland, Ore.; Mr. and Mrs. Leo Rodgers and daughters were here for the services and visited Mrs. Rodger's mother, Mrs. Isabelle Tipton.

Funeral service was held at the United Methodist Church in Crawford on Aporil 20 with the Rev. Billy Richardson officiating. Burial was in the Crawford Cemetery.

Mrs. Tipton attended the service with her daughter and family.

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