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Ada Swingley

(11/30/-0001 - 12/27/1925)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 12/31/1925


Mrs. Ada Swingley, formerly Mrs. Clint Davis from near Lusk, was burned to death at her home in Lavoye Sunday, the result of a gas explosion. Gas had accumulated from a leak or open burner in a gas stove while Mrs. Swingley was absent from home, and upon her return she struck a match which caused the explosion. Both ends of the house in which they lived were blown out by the blast.

The deceased is survived by her husband and two children by her former marriage, Elwood Davis, 17, and Madge Davis, seven. Another son was drowned last year in Johnson lake near Casper.

Mrs. Swingley was a sister of Mrs. Emma Tudder and William Tibbetts, both of Lusk, although Mrs. Tudder has been in Casper much of the time this winter.

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