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Agatha Della Pielstick

(05/11/1864 - 06/19/1947)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 06/26/1947

Services Held For Agatha Pielstick

Funeral services were held Sunday, June 22 at the Manville Community Church for Mrs. Agatha D. Pielstick, 83, resident of this county since 1910, who died June 19 due to the results of pneumonia she had last fall.

The Rev. Ezra Duncan and the Rev. Edmund Nutting officiated at the services.

The songs, "Alone," and "Ivory Palaces," were sung by Mrs. Floyd Alexander and Mrs. Beryl Fullerton. Mrs. Emma Richardson was at the piano.

Interment was at the Manville cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Peilstick of Omaha were out-of-town relatives who attended the services.

Agatha Della Pielstick was born in Fairbury, Ill. May 11, 1864, the eldest child of Rebecca and Bradford Howard. While still very young she moved with her parents to Washburn, Ill. It was there that she was baptized into the Baptist Church at the age of eight.

Following the trend of the day to "go West," the family migrated to southern Nebraska when Agatha was a young woman. Here in 1881 she married George J. Pielstick. They established their home in Fairfield, Nebr., where Mr. Pielstick was in business. To them were born eight children: Charles H., Bertha, Lulu, Sadie, Della, Sidney, Howard, and Russell; seven of whom grew to adulthood, Bertha having died in infancy.

Upon the death of her husband in 1904, Mrs. Pielstick was left to rear her family by herself. In 1910 she came to Wyoming and took a homestead south of Jireh. Since that time, with the exception of a few years spent with her children in different places, she has made her home here. In 1932 her son, Charles, came from Omaha to live with his mother. For a number of years during the expansion of the Lance Creek oil fields she clerked in the Manorgan store and later owned and operated her own millinery and dressmaking shop.

Suffering from a paralytic stroke which occurred about ten years ago, she was forces to give up many activities that she enjoyed. Last fall she was threatened with pneumonia and was moved to Lusk where she could be under doctor's care. Although she recovered from this attack she never gained sufficient strength to return home. During the past month she gradually became weaker until the end came at 9:30 p.m., June 19, at the age of 83.

Surviving her are four sons: Charles H., Manville; Sidney, Washington, D.C.; Howard, Hollywood, Calif.; and Russell, Omaha, Nebr.; one daughter, Mrs. Neil Hart, Hollywood. Two other daughters preceded her in death, Delia and Sadie. She also leaves a sister, Mrs. Jennie Baughn, and a brother, Harry D. Howard, both of Manville; seven grandchildren and one great grandchild.

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