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George Burke

(04/12/1893 - 03/24/1952)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 03/27/1952

George Burke Dies At Thermopolis

Former State Senator George Burke of Thermopolis, who was born and raised at Harrison, Neb., died at Thermopolis Memorial Hospital Monday at the age of 58. He has many relatives and friends in this area.

A brother, John Burke, lives in Whitman. Another brother, Monty Burke, married a sister of J. W. Christian and is president of the State Senate of Calif. Three daughters survive, Mrs. Virginia Stokes of Gebo Dome, Mrs. Catherine Tippets of Lovell and Patricia Burke of Sna Gabriel, Calif. In all there are five sisters and seven brothers living.

Mr. Burke, who resigned as state senator from Park County last year to become the first business manager of the State Home and Hospital for the Aged at Thermopolis, had been in the Thermopolis hospital about ten days after suffering a heart attack. He was first stricken while visiting at the home of his daughter in Gebo Dome.

Born in Harrison in April, 1893, he came to Wyoming in 1920 settling at Powell. A Republican, he was elected to the state senate in 1941 and served 10 years before resigning to become manager of the new state institution.

He resigned from the State Home and Hospital position more recently to join the State Labor Department staff as inspector for the Wyoming veterans on-the-job training program.

During his service as senator he served as president of the senate, and had been acting governor of the state on occasions in the absence of Gov. A. G. Crane.

The body was being taken to Powell for funeral services this Wednesday. Burial will be made at St. Edwards, Nebraska.

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