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Frank Bridge

(05/30/1877 - 03/07/1946)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 03/14/1946

Former Manville Resident Dies in Washington

The funeral for Frank Bridge, formerly of the Manville region and more recently of Bremerton, Washington were held at the Peet Chapel in Lusk, Wednesday afternoon at two o'clock. His death occurred March 7, at the age of 67. The Rev. Ezra Duncan was in charge of the services.

A trio of singers, Mrs. Marion Rasmusen, Mrs. Carl Baughn and Mrs. H. D. Howard sang "In The Garden," "Beyond The Sunset" and "This World Is Not My Home." Miss Alice Fowler accompanied them.

Pallbearers were, Fred Kettler, Marion Rasmussen, Sam Blaney, Harry McCluskey, Leonard Griffith and Henry Newton.

Interment was in the Manville Cemetery.

Mr. Bridge died at the home of his sister, Mr. Jane Calvin, at Bremerton, Wash., on March 7, at the age of 68 years, 9 months and 7 days. He was born in New York State May 30, 1877, the oldest of ten children.

When yet a small child he moved with his parents to St. Libory, Howard County, Nebraska, where he grew to manhood and received his education. In 1909 he came to this section of Wyoming and filed on his homestead six miles south of Keeline, near Flattop. After proving up on his homestead, he moved to Manville, where he operated a garage. Here he lived with his widowed mother. He himself never married.

Some eleven years ago he gave up his business because of ill health. During these remaining years he was always in poor health, and several times he spent time in a hospital in Omaha. The last few months of his life were spent with his sister, Mrs. Jane Calvin.

His father, mother and four brothers preceded him in death. He is survived by two sisters and three brothers: Mrs. Jane Calvin of Bremerton, Wash., Mrs. Hattie Stallman of Manville; Roy Bridge of Fremont, Neb., Charlie Bridge of North Loup, Neb. and Claude (Pete) Bridge of Manville. Also eight nephews and two nieces and many friends.

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