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Frederick "Fred" L. Morse

(05/02/1861 - 09/15/1916)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 09/21/1916

Sad Death of Fred L. Morse

In last week's issue of the Herald it was stated in error that Garth Percival was the victim of the run-away out near Hat Creek; instead, it should have been stated that his father-in-law, Mr. Fred L. Morse, was the unfortunate person.

Mr. Morse was born in Buda, Ill., May 2, 1861, and died at his daughter's home, 8 miles east of Hat Creek, Wyoming, Sept. 15, 1916, aged 55 years, 4 months and 13 days. Mr. Morse was on a visit to his daughter and her husband when the sad accident occurred, and the sincerest sympathy of the whole community is extended to the bereaved relatives.

Besides his widow, he leaves two daughters to mourn his loss; Mrs. G.D. Percival of Hat Creek and Miss Flora Mae Morse of Des Moines, Iowa. The deceased was a most loving husband and a kind and indulgent father, and his untimely death came as a great shock to his dear ones.

The Lusk Herald
September 14, 1916

Garth Percival was badly injured yesterday in a run-away, the wagon passing over his chest and injuring him internally. Drs. Dale, who are attending him, are not prepared to say what the outcome will be. It is sincerely hoped that he may recover.

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